First "solo"?

First "solo"?

Not sure but this might be Stephanie's first solo ride. I do think she needs some better cowboy boots.

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Same girl

Same girl, six years later.

Lovely Child, Beautiful Horse.

I doubt the horse feels ashamed because his rider is wearing flip-flops, after all that is traditional riding gear in Hawaii.

But that horse is beautiful enough to be in the Olympics. Perhaps owner lacks Mitt's money to fly him to London or to buy the required dancing dressage shoes? If fyl is the owner, perhaps he over-spent on computer gear?

Have you seen the photo of Mitt's horse strapped to the top of his jet for the trip? Hilarious!

At least dog Seamus had a crate.

Ana's horse

She bought him before I started the CoolTop project. But, she is afraid to ride a horse (or drive).

You´re right

she´s wearing motorcycle boots!

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