19 de julio -- Let's celebrate?

So it's that time of year to celebrate the overthrow of Somoza. So, how should we celebrate?

First, let's dedicate the fiesta to the $andini$ta Youth who spend most of their days dazed on guaro and sitting in indoctrination classes celebrating "comandante" Daniel and Comrade La Chamuca.

Next, we'll totally disrupt the transportation infrastructure of the country (especially -- oh most especially Managua) by commandeering over half the public transport for 3 days.

Then, just for shucks and grins, we'll make an admitted pedophile and Marxist the guest of honor!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hurrah -- where's that drone manual?

viva la robalucion...

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My impression and my neighbor's

This one was more tranquilo than last year -- not so many buses and a bit more festive. I took some pictures and the neighbors, their guests, and I shuffled dogs around and fed them fish heads while I photographed Zebra Longwings and birds. I now have an invitation to visit the neighbor's finca por tomar fotografias, and I'll burn a DVD for them (I appear to be turning into the "convert bananas, cabbages, or beer to photo DVDs" person locally).

I think most people want the country to work better than it had for them and their families, and for people who are rising middle class like my neighbors, it apparently does. Last year, I heard lots of FSLN marches being played next door. This year, maybe only one or two. We went out to watch the buses, but my neighbor wasn't waving his FSLN flag.

Neither Sony nor the US invaded. The FSLN now has the usual problems of being a mixed economy government and dealing with stuff.

Loved the US Embassy's warning: "The Embassy's Regional Security Officer has recommended that Embassy personnel not drive through barricades encountered on the street." That warning seemed somewhat like "Don't run people over on the streets; it makes their families testy."

My street vendor who over-charges Gringos was out working today, no holiday for her. The Eskimo folks were also taking advantage of the business opportunities when the busses were coming through.

Rebecca Brown

To each his own

Our guests (four today) decided it was a good day to go swimming. I decided to plant some broccoli. I haven't seen any of our neighbors -- maybe they all went to a big PLC party.

For usanos, the idea of getting drunk to celebrate a revolution should seem pretty normal. The main difference is that here you eat fried chicken and gallo pinto instead of hamburgers and hot dogs.

all tv channels are blocked here in mga..

except the ones daniel is speaking on..good tv night..

Helps When You

and your family control all the broadcast media . . .

Hey, if the people are happy why stir the pot? Democracy may be over-rated.

Not true

We hear this assertion all the time but it is not true. In many countries, including the US, because the airwaves are a public resource, there are regulations. That usually includes broadcasting specific content. To put this particular event in Nicaragua into perspective, President Obama recently issued a edict granting himself the right to take over all communications in the US including the Internet.

As I suggested in another thread, rather than just reporting incorrect information about media ownership and control in Nicaragua, how about doing the homework for us and showing us who owns what?

Sorry. This IS

something I know nothing about.


I think I got the bogus information from some Nicaraguan friends -who also claimed that Daniel was selling gas in El Salvador for less than in Nicaragua.

I want my DirecTV . . . .

And the press is obviously free here

Is this a matter of Ortega running some things through the FSLN or his private companies because of hooks in money that comes into the Nicaraguan government (US reparations to former Nicaraguans now US citizens, former debts, etc)?

Rebecca Brown

key west..

ure just mad that u have to pay more for gas than the poor salvadorainians do..nasty

for me..

i dont care who owns or controls..alls i know is..i couldnt watch reruns of miami vice last night..why