Controlling Black Ants

This has been a bad year for biting black ants. They are not new to here but apparently this year has been an invasion for everyone. They have become serious garden pests (plus you don't want to go out in your flip flops).

I am not about to pour nasty chemicals on them but they have certainly been an irritation. Possibly because they just pissed me off I peed on one of the ant hills. The next day, no ants.

Since then I have been doing some serious testing. Bottom line is that one or two applications and the ants are gone. Works every time.

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Try this

This is a great way to get rid of any pesky ants.

Another great website is:

They have some good common sense information.

The Ideal situation is how I Deal with the situation! La situación ideal es la forma en que frente a la situación!

Probably works too

For those of us not on dialysys, we have the ingredients for my approach, it's pretty easy and, after all, we need to do something with that stuff anyway.

Piss Ant

Ant Pisser...Ant Pisser...