SSI and Ex-patriation

I just read on a mailing list that US Social Security disability benefits "probably aren't available outside the US". That is, if you leave the US, you are no longer eligable. I have been told otherwise by another source.

Anyone know the facts behind the rumors?

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is available anywhere you want to go. However, SS may re-evaluate your disability in the first 5 years, if you make it past there, you're home free.

SSI took over state welfare payments to those who had inadequate job earnings to get regular SSDI.

If Disability...

If really a Social Security Disability Insurance question (as opposed to SSI, SS general, etc.), then see (especially section: what you must report to the U.S.): What You Need To Know When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits (SSA Publication No. 05-10153, ICN 480165, April 2011)

SSDI & SSI are two different Social Security Disability plans

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is the standard benefit paid if you become disabled while working at a job covered by Social Security and is available if you move from the US & live here. Some of these are obviously disabled but others must have hired a good lawyer to to get on the plan. It is a proven fact that a 100% disabled person can drink and party 80+ hours per week and never heal well enough to work again. Dependents may also be covered up to 50% of the primary payment so a common situation here involves pumping out an illegitimate kid & up the payment by 50%. If the kid does not live with the guy he throws the naive mom a few bucks. A 2nd illegitimate kid helps too but not the full 50%. Of course legitimate kids work also. Great plan because even 50% is several times the average family income here.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is a "disability" benefit paid to persons "disabled" only because of their low income and that payment is supposed to go away when the recipient has been out of the country for 30 continuous days. This is commonly abused by those living here by providing SS with a US mailing address and a few lies as required.

SSDI is paid from SS payroll taxes but SSI comes from regular taxes. Obviously it is more complex depending upon the situation & there are lots of modifiers and rules.

We have a few here that gloat about beating the system and getting a free check from the government because the government owes them. Patriotic Americans that gripe about the corrupt government and "want to take our government back".

Children of retirees receiving social security.

See bottom of first paragraph from JohnS.

The up to 50% of a retirees social security goes to a BAC account the government requires the mother to set up in her name for the child's benefit and only if US citizenship is granted the child. I don't know how (or why) a retiree would try and "pump up his retirement benefits" with an illegitimate child.

If anyone is aware of someone getting past this hurdle and doing this, they should be reported to the consulate IMHO.


Err....Isnt it cheaper to keep them down here?

Fiddling, diddling or otherwise? Or should they go home and throw themselves at the mercy of all available government programs?...and that includes the program called Jail.


That money would would be put back into the US economy and a sunset-sunrise illegitimate (or even legitimate) kid there would be very rare & the illegitimate kid would get the whole check.

And a person can AND DOES get his "all available government programs" check down here too. And a person on disability is probably not the usual jail candidate.

Medicare is an entirely different story - If fraud could be controlled then making "Tourist Medicine Medicare" available in these countries would save the taxpayers huge huge bundles compared to the negative of spending that money out of the country. Of course those of us living here would now use medicare instead of paying Pellas but that would be an insignificant offset.

Make a call

Just call Mrs. Leon at the American embassy and she can fill you in, I think you can live anywhere in the world and recieve Social Security.

SSI is not SS

It is a disability plan with different rules.

Most ``welfare`` in the US is based on residency in a specific state or county, so it pays to check. Social Security is not welfare--it is a semi-mandatory govmint pension that is good anyware based on your earnings when you worked in the States. You can collect in anywhere, except for expats living in North Korea, etc.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Only Problem With

the North Korean residency is:

The ATM's don't work je je je

In Cuba debit and credit cards work only for Canadians and Europeans; US banks are precluded from processing the transactions. Little known fact: Fidel takes 20% off the top when converting your Euros or Dollars to the convertible peso. I don't know about cordobas, might be a way around the haircut - socialist solidarity might be worth something after all. Then again, they might be completely uninterested in Cordobas.

This is commonly referred to as "Fidel's Cut". In all fairness, there is no IVA or other tax on services and purchases.

Cuba is still worth a visit. Can you take a boat from Puerto Cabezas?

Phone number

Here's Mrs. Leon phone number: 2252-7219, she is the agent for the SSA here in Nicaragua, a very nice lady.