PowerPoint of our tour of some of Nicaragua and San Jose

Photos and commentary of my sister's and my tour of Nicaragua in early 2012, including a visit to San Jose, Costa Rica.


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Thanks Roger

Thanks Roger.

Good presentation.

Good presentation.

Photos Of Your Trip To NIc

Really Nice presentation of photos of your trip to Nicaragua. I almost felt as if I was back in Nicaragua.

For me it's always sad to leave and come back to the states, specially if it's cold and snowing.

Thanks for sharing,

Ana Gonzalez

"specially if it's cold and snowing"

That's what my sister faced when she returned to Monreal in February. I had invited her here to avoid the worst of the cold there.

Nicely done,

thanks for sharing.

Nice presentation. You are

Nice presentation. You are right about returning to Canada being a shocker,we were down the same time as you but came back a week earlier to -15C and snow. really makes me wish I were closer to retirement lol.