The Waiver is GRANTED

The imperialist yankee empire, enemies of mankind, have extended "The Waiver" for another year.

US Embassy press release (in Spanish)

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Ground me or don't ground me or don't fire me... hit me or don't hit me....

...dick around with me and you lose my respect.

So, is property more or less important than transparency?

If the property waiver had been cancelled, would the property disputes have died with the waiver?

The transparency waiver was cancelled due to a bad record by the Nica government.

The Property Waiver was approved, despite an equally bad record (says the USA)...

Oh, and we will still be your number one trade partner.

Hypocrisy anyone?

One (just one) of the things that seriously annoys me about the unconstitutional "people's" president, and, that long-winded buffoon of $ucialismo XXI:

pure unadulterated hypocrisy

Put your friggin' money where your big fat loud mouths are! If the USA is really an imperialist empire, practicing savage capitalism, and the enemies of mankind, then sell your crap to your buddies in North Korea, Iran, Libya (oops, he's roasting in hell), Syria (oops, he's about to be roasting), the socialist workers paradise of Cuber, the two Georgian breakaway "republics" that no one recognizes, and all the other tin-pot despots you count as "friends".

Stop taking US dollars.

Stop trading with the evil empire.

Stop working with the IMF, the World Bank, the IADB, etc.

Or just STFU



who lived through the 3 generation reign of the black welfare queens in Los Angeles is in a good position to understand 21st century socialism.

But what happened when the Republican Congress forced Clinton to end the entitlement? California women`s prisons are bursting at the seams. After socialism, the cartels will inherit the world.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Has accused the administration of President Barack Obama of helping to strengthen the authoritarian regime of Daniel Ortega, having approved the property or waiver.

The lawmaker noted that approval of this waiver is a prize for the Ortega regime that systematically harasses civil society, violates the laws and the Nicaraguan Constitution.

In his view, the Obama administration has failed to use the waiver as a tool to assist and compel the government of Ortega to make specific electoral reforms that would favor Nicaragua. She argued that the current electoral system is rife with corruption, "that favors Daniel Ortega, not the Nicaraguan people."

"Rewarding an anti-American and anti democratic regime is just another step in the wrong direction by the Obama administration. I strongly urge the administration to change course and focus on helping bring democracy to Nicaragua. "

The law allows President Obama to issue a waiver if it is in the U.S. national interest.

Even El Zombie admitted that the Nicaraguan people appear to actually approve of the current regime. It doesn't seem as non-democratic as the southern US when I was a kid.

I've actually known real human beings who were on welfare. Describing them as queens is a stretch. Living poor with kids is a hard life. Also, historically, people who were on assistance have always been with us. Before FDR, it was county assistance (parish in the UK) and while grim and minimal, it still was something that communities did, even much poorer communities than LA County. And there was also what was called "home relief" for people in their own houses, not in the poor farm or workhouse.

Most women in the US are off welfare in two years. Most people who use terms like "welfare queen" stay stupid for life.

Rebecca Brown

the tico times article

said they resolved 50 cases last year and only had 100 plus still on the agenda. Seems like ``making progress`` and extend it a year.

See you next year, same time.

When Cuban communism falls, I wonder how long it will take to resolve all the cases that have been sitting for 50 years.

Cheer up, in the US there were still lawsuits over unjust takings re: freeing African slaves up until the 1890s.

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Yes, You're Lucky

you're Canadian and don't have to listen to the current election rhetoric in the US. We're devolving into a 3rd world, sub-saharan, demagogues' paradise.

Still, a good thing over all. Even if you're not an Ortega fan the disruption caused by the non-renewal would have helped no one -and hurt quite a few.

Let's move on, Nicaragua - (and quit screwing around with Phil's seed orders). You're not out of the woods yet.


Guess you have not visited our fine country----lot of our TV channels are American!! CBC is only good for hockey and the sitcom--This hour is 22 minutes!!

Its hard to avoid it...

Canadian or not.