Wealth-X World Ultra Wealth Report 2011-2012


...This comprehensive analysis captures the size of the UHNW population by region and country. That is what makes our report different - we count the UHNW individuals one by-one, based on our intelligence. Wealth-X defines UHNW as those people with a net worth of at least US$30 million.

Nicaragua has 180 of them. See page 42 of the report (not the pdf page number).

So, we know fyl is one of them, who are the other 179.

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Interesting that Nicaragua was ahead of others in CA

More than El Salvador and Costa Rica didn't get listed at all. Be curious to see what the per capita breakdowns would be, say Mexico compared to Brazil. Some of the Pellas family would be in up there, probably at least some of the Chamorro family, the rest of the major six families. Also, interesting that the Dominican Republic is so high.

Rebecca Brown


A few names come immediately to mind:

  • The unconstitutional, bank robbing, pedophile president
  • His wife, La Chamuca
  • The five begets of the above
  • Roberto Rivas, Chief Corrupter of the C$E
  • Tomas Borge's heirs (still burning in hell you evil dwarf?)
  • Bayardo Arce
  • Fidel Moreno, the defacto mayor of Managua
  • Chico Lopez, the gatekeeper of the Albani$a (tio Hugo) "discretionary" funds (over $500,000,000 per year)

Lots more where that came from -- just too late in the day to deal with formatting more!

Arriba los pobres!

el pueblo presidente

Yeah, right.