Beloved Warrior: The Rise and Fall of Alexis Arguello--Review by Thomas Hauser


Then, in 2008, Ortega engineered a campaign by Arguello for the mayoralty of Managua. “I gave you three titles,” Alexis told the voters. “I represented you honestly. Now I need you.”

He was narrowly elected amidst widespread allegations of voting fraud. Thereafter, Giudice writes, “All Nicaraguans knew that Arguello was involved in an illegitimate election. A clearly frustrated Arguello had to live with the reality that, having cemented his role with the Sandinista Party, he had to blend in with its ugly charade. Thirty years earlier, Arguello, a champion, had the power to question authority. He no longer had leverage. As a former addict rescued by the Sandinista Party, Arguello was powerless, a puppet for Daniel Ortega and First Lady Rosario Murillo to control at their behest.”

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For those interested in Nicaraguan boxing this is an excellent review of a book on Alexis Arguello. Helluva boxer who had an interesting post-boxing career as Mayor of Managua until his untimely death by suicide (ruled that way anyway) in 2009.