Where to buy salvado de arroz o trigo (rice or wheat bran), copra and EM (effective microorganisms)?

We are moving into phase II of our 6 manzana farming empire, which is going to include some pigs and milk cows. To carry out the experiment though, we need to lay our hands on rice or wheat bran, maybe some copra (of the coconut), and effective or efficient microorganisms. Does anyone know of any northern or central Nicaraguan rice mills? And what about a distributor for the liquid EM? It must be in country somewhere but we've had no luck locating any from Nueva Segovia.

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Rice Hulls

I buy sacks of rice hulls from Huembes. There is a large plant vendor in the parking lot on the North side, opposite side of the buses. I haven´t yet tracked down his source but I buy a lot from him and pay 50 cords a sack. I think he sells them for 80 cords "retail".

Where Is This


I want to drip irrigate my coffee and am looking for some uniform mulch to cover the soil and hide the drip irrigation tubing. I thought I might experiment with rice hulls as a readily available and inexpensive possibility. 50 cords/sack would be pricey for the quantity I need, but if it works out, I would buy the material by the truck load.


You can buy rice husks direct from any rice mill for a lot less than that. I pay ten cords for a big sack here in Jinotepe. Just speak to people you know about where to find the nearest mill.

When you buy direct from the mill you have to bring your own sacks. If you are bringing plastic sacks make sure the plastic is heavier grade than cheap garden-sized plastic bags. The guys at the mill will fill your sacks to bursting and a cheap plastic might split while you are driving or taking the sacks our of the vehicle.

Some mills give you a choice between brossas frescas (plain husks) or more expensive brossas quemadas (charred husks). The charred husks last longer, especially in wet weather, but they are almost pure silica, which has many of the properties of asbestos, so wear a mask, gloves and long pants and long sleeves when handling it, but once you've laid it out as mulch it won't bother you.

If you are using brossas frescas and don't want them to compost quickly, throw liberal amounts of cal over it, which will slow down decomposition.

Keywest, if you are looking for a cheapo mulch, why not fill sacks with dead, dry leaves and then stomp on the sacks until they are are finely crushed? Or pay a kid a few cords to do it for you after school?

Rice hulls are a big waste

Rice hulls are waste material in the Sebaco area, the producers dump it in huge piles along the roads out in the campo, I'd imagine it'd be about free for the taking if you took a truck to get a load.

Not sure. I can't believe no

Not sure. I can't believe no one is pressing the hulls for oil. Rice oil is really good stuff. They make electricity in Japan burning rice hulls.


I know of someone who got rice hulls by the hundred weight for mulch (Catahoula Fan on the other site), but don't know she'd have a source for bran, too. Worth asking her if you haven't asked there already.

Rebecca Brown

Have somebody bring you a

Have somebody bring you a bottle of EM from the USA and then just brew new batches from there - you are not likely to find that product for sale anywhere in Nicaragua.