just spent 5 days ..

on the finca..had one of the best times i ever had..it sure is nice to get away from..cell phones and the internet..life is so much simpler there..

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Did You Plant

your coffee yet?

not yet..

some of it is about a foot hi in the black plastic bags..they said..they would probable start in sept.

Any El Niño Issues? I know the farm is in a different area

But whats it been like?

....The west could be hard hit by drought conditions caused by the “El Niño” that was predicted by the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter). Leon and Chinadega could be affected the worst and plans are already being made to establish a strategy that will minimize losses to producers. Ineter predicts that the El Nino will cause below normal rainfall in the Central Pacific areas during the coming months. The last El Niño (in 2010) caused a similar problem for crop growers in the Pacific West which has already been dry for 30 days and the outlook is for that to continue until late August.

funny you mentioned the kid..

up here in Casares it's starting to cause some serious issues with the fishing,keep in mind that this town is a farming town,only diff. is, they harvest the sea,lack of rain and absence of cold currents has started to affect the catch ratios tremendously,let's hope it does not last too long.

they always get a lot of rain in waslala..

but it is not as much as usual.like when i was there we were getting a 1/2 hr shower//2 hrs sun..another shower..didnt get a good all night or all day rain while there..what amazes me is how good there taking care of the road..got a lot of heavy equip. on it..doing a lot of real heavy work la dalhia to la mora..could even be going to pave it..usally..when u get in rann..the road gets real bad..its pretty good..but its still nice to have a 4x4 truck..some of the hills are a little slick

I Remember

pics of a good-sized stream and a waterfall at your farm --(actually remember the young lady posed in front of the waterfall better).

Does that run year round?

There's got to be plenty of deep water in Nicaragua, most of the wells just take surface water.


on the creek all yr around..we get our drinking water from a yr. around spring..u have to remember on wells..most people dont have the money to drill a deep well..thats why u see a lot of hand dug ones..and i think dog told me to drill a well in la dalhia..u need a permit