Anyone who reads the Nicaraguan papers see anything about a murder in Jinotega?

I've heard that a German and Nicaraguan have been arrested for killing a man. One person had heard this; other ex-pat friends hadn't heard anything. I don't know if the German is a German-Nicaraguan or a German expat and he wasn't anyone I knew.

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Nuevo Radio Ya

The most likely place to hear about this quickly is Nuevo Radio Ya (600AM, 99.1 FM). Whether you like their politics of not, they tend to report things almost immediately. People calling in from accident scenes and such is very typical.

I haven't been listening today as Ana left this morning for Jury duty and I happen to like silence more than a radio on all the time so I haven't heard anything but it is a great source of news all over the country.

Descuartizan a traductor

The dismembered and badly decomposed body of Harley Silva Soza (34) was found by Jinotega police officers in a house in the neighborhood Ernesto Rosales. A house rented for more than a year by a North American Basil Givner who was reportedly arrested .

The head and arms were found on Sunday in a dumpster in Jinotega. Soza was a translator from the town center.

On the night of August first, when the house was raided, officers found a human arm and chest in the bathroom, legs under a bed and stomach parts in a black bag in the kitchen.

Neighbor Hugo Guerrero, who lives next to the house, said he started smelling a bad smell about seven days.

"I thought it was dead mice or another animal. I spent 2 days searching the house without finding anything. On the third day the buzzards began to fly over the roof of my house and my neighbor. That's when I told the Gringo to open the house, because apparently that's where the smell was coming from. He refused to let in several neighbors". ____________________________

A Gay Trist?....may not bode well for the Jinotega Queer Convention.... maybe let em have it in Thompson County.

Insanity Defense?

If Basil (America native born?) were living amongst decaying stinking body parts them maybe his lawyer could work that angle.

Also he could have got out of dodge and returned to USA where extradition not likely.

Or Self Defense

"..The two men apparently started to fight last month, perhaps during one of their binges. Givner told police that Silva tried to set his mattress on fire while he was sleeping, and that’s when he decided to kill him. . . .

Self defense in most places is something you do

...only when you're attacked. If the attacker drops the attack, you can't preemptively kill them in case they might attack again. You can shoot your husband if he comes in waving a gun at you and your lover and get off; you can't shoot your husband while he's shaving without going to prison (actually cases). I have no idea how this works here, but wouldn't be surprised if being a druggie killing another druggie doesn't make things worse rather than better. The victim apparently was deported from the US in 1998 or so for selling pot.

Givner was apparently getting drugs from his acquaintances, and bringing them here. The national press print papers had a fuller account of the killing.

If it's legitimate self defense, don't cut the body up and put parts of it out for the trash men to collect

The papers mention probably hallucinogens, at least other drugs, so not just pot, not just drinking heavily. The police are trying to figure out more about Givner.

Drugs tend to rot people's situational awareness, as you military people say. More likely that the younger guy wanted out than vice versa. He had family in the area, who appeared to have been at least somewhat concerned about the connection. Givner didn't speak much Spanish after five years here and seems to have been dependent on someone bilingual to interpret for him. I suspect that bilingual translators willing to get that involved in drugs are rather rare here in Jinotega. The victim was reasonably attractive; Givner isn't.

Serious lack of sympathy for Givner in the comments section on the La Prensa website, and no doubt in town. Maximum he can get would be 30 years. If he's been dealing hallucinogens here, that alone would put him away for a while. Simple possession might even put him away for a while given that using the drugs lead to a killing.

I never met him (I've been asked that twice recently), but one person I know met him once and wasn't surprised about the drug use. Haven't heard from Suzanne on this. I suspect that anyone who did know him or who shows up in his phone's directory is probably going to be interviewed by the local police, perhaps by people who aren't local. The cops are very interested in finding out more about him and what he was doing in Nicaragua. This is the kind of case that makes international news if it's sex, and drugs, and a good looking victim all chopped up with the black vultures circling overhead as the stench attracted them.

Givner's Google Plus page has the same sorts of plans that any number of you have -- make money from a business here creating jobs for the locals. Background in refrigeration and air-conditioning, crap Spanish.

Rebecca Brown

I think extradition for this wouldn't be a problem

He's German-born, apparently naturalized American.

Appears he may have been importing drugs. The guy he killed was his interpreter, who had been deported from the US in 2008 or so. Some mention of hallucinogens in at least one article, so perhaps some more toxic drugs in the mix. Not a guy who the US would be likely to do anything other than return him to Nicaragua.

El Nuevo Diario has more about the victim. -- old treaty but apparently not repudiated by either parties. Nicaragua has turned over some drug traffickers apparently; others it's punished locally.

What might look like insanity in the US might look like depraved and arrogant indifference to human life and desecration of a corpse to a different culture. Killing and cutting up bodies and spreading the parts around seems to be good for less than a decade in prison in Nicaragua, with good behavior, though because he's older, he might get the full 30 years.

Also in today's news, the bust for fraud of another expat -- Costa Rican this time, captured in Guatemala.

Rebecca Brown

tsk tsk

He's German-born, apparently naturalized American.

That would be [g]usANO here. [?]

Surely we MUST be PC about it all.

Wait, Gusanos Are

those Cubans who live in that gated community directly north of Estelí . .

We need another word . . .and this could quickly get completely out of hand.

Someone elsewhere posted another link

More details on the German/American:

Someone commented on a case as yet another criminal gringa going unpunished, and described her as working with the European community here.

I think not so much a gay angle, but the expat angle (German or American), and the pot-smoking. None of the comments on either article are focusing on gay stuff, just the ex-pats with criminal pasts moving to Nicaragua.

Other site and here, I've been suggesting that people are too trusting of other expats, especially people who pop up here and start asking about moving down here. I like being helpful -- somewhat the ex-teacher in me -- but I'm sobered by some of what we've gotten here lately and by this, and I basically will not be as helpful in the future.

I guess I'll go out and get a La Prensa, if they haven't sold out, and work on my Spanish. Wonder if he had his residency cedula. If not, I suspect moves toward cracking down on the perpetual tourists could intensify. I find that the local people who really resist getting residency tend to be various forms of mild to not so mild problematic.

As far as I know, most of the gringo law-breaking has been bonking underaged females and smoking dope and not getting residency, and stiffing hotels near Leon and some freeloading off other gringos.

One detail of the story I heard was wrong -- the police didn't find the victim's head under a bed. Seems to be some confusion over his nationality.

Rebecca Brown

There has never been any "Cracking down" before

After say Volz, Ronald J. Leno - the rapist in Granada, then there was the guy with the 15 year old twins (now doing 5 years), to say nothing of the 'German' serial killer in and around SJdS (bout 10 year go or more)....Jason?...

Nope, its all in days work I think.

The crackdown or self policing maybe in any unusual groups of tourists making a booking.


Did I miss something? Where did gay enter into this story?

Try not to use

Gay and Enter in the same line...


Maybe it said he was a waiter....which I have found out thanks to NL, they are gay!! lol

Nicaraguan Dispatch hints at that

I was thinking in a grim sardonic way that the moral of the story is that Nicaraguans also should be cautious about strangers they meet on the bus.

When I bought the papers, the vendor explained that the guy was Aleman, not American, and asked me if I knew him. I said no.

I didn't ever meet him, but one of the other expats I know met him once.

Very sad for the victim's family and for the city.

Rebecca Brown