The house was swaying pretty strong here in Jinotepe around 9:45 this morning. I have been waiting on USGS to post something but the only thing that shows up is a 4.2 up around Puerto Rico. I don't think we would feel that here. Anyone else have some data?

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Its being reported 7.8 N.E. Liberia Costa rica, I havent been able to call into San Juan Del Sur. All the pictures show it being a major quake, to early to tell

It shook a bit in SJdS but that was all.

The longest and strongest I have ever felt here.


I was out walking the dog, didn't even feel it!! Housekeeper said the house moved, the front door that was unlocked (but closed) swung open--She ran outside!! Good times!!


The house and the street was shaking much more this time. A good minute or so. At first, I thought I was dizzy and going to pass out having just gotten home from playing some basketball. But then I realized the door to the house and the house was swaying as well as the sidewalk. I felt like I was aboard ship on the ocean. Lasted a long time and the neighbors were all out looking at the electric posts and lines. Gonna check to see where it hit hard. Just checked.... it was a 7.9 near Samara Beach Costa Rica. God help the people there!

I was in MINREX

It was a nice slow one and being from Los Angeles it didn't worry me but there was some excitement in the office for a few minutes.

I was there for a while -- both because of the earthquake and because they were dealing with a mistake the US Embassy made (a bad signature on one of two documents) so I got more than my usual 3-minute view of them. I'm impressed. I have been there maybe five times and they are on the ball and efficient.

After they noticed the problem and I explained the Gringo Embassy was not open in the morning, the Jefa came out and told me not to worry as they would call the US Embassy and figure out a solution. Damn good service for $.70 to make up for an error that cost me $50.

Shaking pretty good

Water sloshed out of the pool. Based on past quakes that was at least a 6.4

Wife just called the mother

Wife just called the mother in law in Managua.... no damage there... just some shaking!


So why has this not shown up on USGS reports yet??????

What would you do with the information if....

The US Government came over your house with a ten page report?

Bookmark SINAPRED - Sistema Nacional de Prevención, Mitigación y Atención de Desastres (National System for Prevention, Mitigation and Attention to Disasters) they are the Nicaraguan information service on these issues.

Also, find out more about your local COMUPRED group - Comité Municipal para la Prevención, Mitigación y Atención de Desastres (Municipal Committee for the Prevention, Mitigation and Relief of Disasters)

See their links to their Frequently Asked Questions

"We may not rapidly locate earthquakes smaller than 5.0 outside the US unless they have caused significant damage or are widely felt. Earthquakes this small rarely cause significant damage. At times, some other agency may report an earthquake with a larger magnitude than what we compute from our data, especially for non-US events near magnitude 5.0. If our magnitude for the event is less than magnitude 5.0, we may not issue a rapid report for it."

They don't have a direct contributing site in Nicaragua, but do have one in Puerto Rica (US territory).

Rebecca Brown


We felt it here in Masaya as well. We had an aftershock about 15 minutes later. I went to USGS sight to see how big since it was our first one but no info. Keep us posted. Would love to know how big and where. Greg

Epicenter was north of Lake Masaya,

3.7 magnitude on the Richter scale, no casualties or damage.

NOT Going To

get any official Nicaraguan announcement, there goes the canal .. . . .