Nicaragua backs slaughter in Syria @ UN

No big surprise, the unconstitutional regime supports the murderous thugs in Syria.

Fellow travelers Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia also support the butcher al-Hassad.

Considering Danny-Boy's profound affection for other murderous thugs (Qadaffi, Stalin, Kim Il-whichever), this isn't a surprise.

Also something that the pump-fisting $andali$ta$ tend to avoid when proselytizing the "mixed economy would have been great except for the intervention of the evil US" foolios...

A spade is, alas, a spade.

Thugs to the core.

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More Syria Insights

TRNN now has a five-part series on Syria. In the most recent part, Sami Ramadani makes the point that the West-funded pressure creates a situation where Assad cannot step down. This part also talks about why Syria is so important to Russia.

While none of this has anything to do with Nicaragua, it has everything to do with the use of external influence (I guess tanks, anti-aircraft missiles and such goes beyond what the word influence might imply) in what is really an internal conflict is likely to polarize things to the breaking point rather than actually addressing the real issues.

Fascinating Insights . . .

" . . .look at history, deep, deep economic crises lead to wars . . . "

WWII was what finally brought the US out of it's depression. There are a lot of parallels to the what is projected for US Economic growth (basically the Japanese stagnation) and what happened up to 1937.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, and this gets us away from Nicaragua . . but I see some form of diversion from the focus on our economic crisis coming down the pike.

Unfortunately, it has everything to do with Nicaragua, if Nicaragua finds itself on the wrong side of the conflict.

civil war

This will be going on for long time unless Assad steps down and allows for some elections monitored by UN. Assad will flee to Iran with his British wife and family. This is between 2 sects and will spill to Lebanon. Some similarities to Nicaragua as Somoza and Assad both family dynasties. Shows how messed up Nica really is to support Assad. Unlike Iraq, Syria does have WMD-over 60 sites and is open secret. Somoza had at the height of power only 2000 Gardia-Syria has army in top 10 of the world in numbers...

Sami Ramidani

So, you disagree with what Sami Ramidani had to say about what it would take to get Assad to step down? To me, it makes perfect sense but, much like 1979 in Nicaragua, recognizing this need too late is likely to lead to a long-term managed conflict rather than a positive change for the regular people in Syria.

If there was real international interest in democracy for the people, wouldn't Suadi Arabia be a better target for help than Syria? Or maybe Syria is more important right now after the Wikileaks release of documents about Syria -- now means while the DDOS attack against Wikileaks continues.

Glad I live near the border...

and have a fast boat...

Long Way To Canada

by water.

You'd be better going up the east side, currents are better.

Into CR

One of Maria kids is a Tico...we could claim persecution of the press


Did you forget to take your Depakote? Seems like you need it.

Start here

There are, of course, more. The point is that while you may side with Capitalist pigs over Nicaraguan communists (humor intended there), suggesting that the Nicaraguan government is backing slaughter (over some clear anti-slaughter agenda) is, well, pure caca.

I've often thought that the cruelest thing the US could....

...have done to Che Guevara would have been to have let him grow old.

The situation in other people's countries is generally more complex than ideologues of either right or left believe -- easy to be sure what would work in the hills sitting around your campfire with the comrades/contras. In real life, getting a country to work requires stuff like compromise, dealing with other countries, figuring out what work over a broad culture and what doesn't. We're seeing some studies that show that agriculture works best if the people who actually farm (like run the tractors, work the oxen) own the farms, that banking does best if it's regulated in a democratic state economy, and that for profit education fails miserably at the college level, and probably at all other levels, too. No country is so stupid that it would hire foreign mercenaries to fight in its defense -- all that was socialized, if you will, in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Hired muscle tends to work for itself -- see Milan's Sforza family, hired to fight for Milan and soon in charge as the Duke. Toll roads are not as reliable as socialized roads.

For manufacturing -- seems like some worker-owned operations have been very stable and some things, like DuPont, that had a strong founder, would have gone under without corporate restructuring. Humans don't breed true. Incorporation preserves useful institutions that the founder's children and grandchildren often aren't competent to manage.

Mixed economies work best. Sane stable banking, good health care and the best possible education for everyone regardless of parental money helps create societies where the industries that work best under private control can flourish. Anyone who believes otherwise, left or right, is being silly, not that both the far left and the far right aren't full of silly.

Rebecca Brown

you right!

Che was the ultimate tonto util. He would have been an unhappy old timer for sure, like Bolivar. Same Same Martin Luther King.

And mercenaries aren`t all bad-- the Gurhkas seem to jhave a long and successful role in service of the English.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Yes, and the British didn't surrender India to the Gurhkas

Most of where the Gurkhas fought is now under the control of the people they fought.

The Swiss started life as mercenaries and did quite well at using this to build up capital, industrialize, and become a completely neutral country in both 20th Century World Wars. They didn't tend to be particularly loyal to the people who hired them.

One of the things that made European imperialism easier than it might have been was that most people hate the local enemies they know more than these people from away who promise to help them with their local feuds (see Miskito Indians here).

I don't think Martin Luther King, Jr., would have been disappointed to see Obama in the White House. I remember what life for blacks was like in the South when I was a child and what it's like now -- huge improvement. We also now know that working class whites are not as racist as people believed them to be thanks to poll results where blacks ran for office. My mom was right -- educate them and they'll take our jobs. :)

Rebecca Brown

Perhaps only Rebecca could introduce

The British, the Gurkhas, the Swiss, European imperialism, Miskito Indians, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Obama in a short 3 paragraph post.

I think to make it flow the secret is to have none of it make sense.

Unfortunately, it does make sense

We're just dealing with Male Oppositional Disorder here.

Rebecca Brown

i would

ahem, i ..... ahem... i would like to grow old. knock knock......

obtuse much?

ok, carry on

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

Well, hells bells...

I am simply bereft of words.

Seriously. I can only quote from "above":

well, pure caca.

If someone thinks I'm a far right leftist

...I know they're nuts.

And as for Granada being all in love with the tourists -- if they are, they're not human. I've never lived anywhere where tourists were a dominant source of income where they were loved, or even particularly liked. You're easy to con.

Rebecca Brown

thread creep

Why don't you post your inciteful [sic] wisdom about Granada somewhere near where the comment was made?

Tourism is NOT the dominant source of income in Granada but you would not know that -- you still have never set foot there, right?

You're easy to con.

No. I would NOT consider Toni Solo a friend nor would I fist-pump for the F$LN.

And I certainly do NOT have wet dreams about being a "revolutionary" or going to college in Miami either.

Tourism wasn't the dominant industry in NYC

....and we all found them annoying, especially the ones yammering in French as though nobody in New York could possibly understand French.

Good for Granada that tourism isn't its dominant source of income. That statement came from a Nicaraguan who didn't want to see tourism in Nicaragua end up with people working in the tourist industry who were as jaded about tourists as those in Granada. I would trust what he said over what you say.

Rebecca Brown

Islander I would have to agree....

But you did start it....

Hey, you take NatureNew seriously, dude

...and that requires severe reality bending.

Rebecca Brown

My Problem With

Daniel is, I thought he would be much smarter picking friends the second time around. I hope Assad is paying him in gold, and not a traceable transfer.

It doesn't take a crystal ball to see Assad's future; slaughter completely aside. If he's smart he'll take the offer to step down; if he's stubborn, well, he and Gadaffi will be keeping each other company sooner or later. You can't win when the other side has that many chips to play with (kind of like Nicaragua in the early 80's -or has that lesson been forgotten already)?

Daniel's support of Iran is even more problematic. If they were to somehow give Daniel the money for his canal, it would have to be transferred in gold. They have no banking relationships left, The Rial is trading for less than the CUCU or the BUBU, and it's only getting worse (even if Israel doesn't attack them). We have this enormous naval presence in the Persian gulf praying for a Tonkin Gulf opportunity, Saudi Arabia talks about "cutting off the head of the Persian Snake". The rest of the region -as much as they dislike Israel- does not want to see a nuclear middle east. Assad is about the only friend Iran still has (WAIT: I forgot Nicaragua, of course).

What are the chances of the US permitting an Iran-financed canal / AKA terrorist presence in Nicaragua? Let's see, we have Panama, Honduras, and Costa Rica, all chomping at the bit to bitch-smack Nicaragua. Tio Hugo has very little time left, Evo is a long away from home with problems of his own. Brazil has the Olympics coming up; there is no way they are going to get on the wrong side of history. China will rattle some sabers, and Russia probably doesn't have a naval ship that can still make it to Nicaragua. When the US starts closing the tap I don't think the Euro Zone is going to step up like they did in the 80's. They don't like Ortega either.

This is what both the US Presidential candidates need, they just haven't figured it out yet. Eventually someone like Marco Rubio will, for the celebrity and name recognition, even if there is minimal truth to it: "Nicaragua Courts Islamic Terrorist Presence" I can hear the CIA mounting up in the background. I should have bought some land in Trujillo when I had the chance.