Playa Amarillo Fraud Allegations

La Procuraduría General de la República, PGR, acusó este domingo a los canadienses Alexander P. Thorn y Howard Wayne John Hodges, además de los nicaragüenses César de la Trinidad Ibarra y Héctor José Lacayo Páez, por los delitos de fraude contra el Estado, luego que se determinara que la supuesta inversión en la que ofrecían en venta una propiedad en Playa Amarillo, municipio de Tola, era en realidad un plan para cometer estafas.

The Attorney General's Office, PGR, on Sunday accused the Canadians; Alexander P. Thorn and Howard Wayne John Hodges, in addition to the Nicaraguans César de la Trinidad Ibarra and Héctor José Lacayo Páez of charges of fraud against the state after it was determined that the alleged investment and the offering for sale of beach property in Playa Amarillo, Municipality of Tola, was actually a plan to commit fraud.


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seems like bad timing for me.... i posted a few days ago regarding some issues i am having with my registration. funny how the one fella that "helped" me out six years ago, is in the news....a fellow canadian. embarassing to say the least....

btw. thanks for all the feedback i got on my post earlier.

My impression is that if you find a good Nicaraguan lawyer

...who comes recommended by other people who've used him/her, that's going to work out far better than relying on those who've come down to Nicaragua to play games. An US citizen or a Canadian is not necessarily honest down here, especially in real estate deals.

Nicaragua's going to be more attractive to people who want to buy land here if land fraud is prosecuted, and people who advertise things they don't own are deported even if they haven't actually sold property.

Rebecca Brown

This guy (Thorne) seems like

This guy (Thorne) seems like a classic con-artist, checking his professional profiles and supposed credentials it would seem he is laying it on way too thick. Overlaps in resumes etc. should only be able to fool a rube, hope no one got burned by this guy. Here are some links to his profiles and one to the SEC complaint against him under what appears to be his actual name. A couple of things really pi$$ me off about this guy aside from the development fraud, one that he and other shady pukes set up scams around solar and wind power, it's almost impossible to compete against the Chinese now on these fronts but greedy scammers are turning it into the Brooklyn bridge for sale scam of the 21st century. Secondly once they get themselves caught the whining f*@ks get themselves repatriated to Canada to easy prison time and in most cases quick release because once they are repatriated we recalculate their sentence based on our system. I am tired of seeing this. Anyway here's the links.

ONE Puke....

The other is a friend and also a victim of Thorn.

And yes Thorn is as slippery as snot on a doorknob...these people can get into your lives without you knowing.

Stealing identities is not restricted to persons...Using a stolen Corporate Identity is fairly easy to do in a place like this. And try explaining how to a PN Officer who has no idea what you are talking about.

Be careful and make sure you know what and who you are in business bed with...and still double wrap it!!

Sorry Juanno I was more

Sorry Juanno I was more referring to the shady types with fake alt. energy companies than the other people in the story. Willing to bet this clown was probably waist deep in all the Bre-X type shenanigans on the VSE back in the 90's as well.

Dude Ranch

"Dude Ranch There exists on the property a working Catle Ranch and Working Farm, the market for working as Ranch hands while pursuing a research project is very popular and a market which is growing very quickly, Tupilapa has tow very large Ranch houses and can accomodate 100's of people who want to spend time on a Ranch"

"There are also Horses which are used by the employees and could also become a revenue source in breading stock providing horses for the surrounding Farms." Funny stuff!

I always wondered where one could work as a ranch hand while pursing research projects. This guy has quite the imagination.

talk about smelling fraud???

Tupilapa is located 75 Kilometers North of San Juan Del Sur which is a well known Tourist Destination with numerous resorts and a growing residential community that has undergone large development. San Juan is a Ocean Front Resort Town that welcomes travelers from all over the World and over the recent 10 years has been commercialized by developers and investors who now are experiencing a staggering rise in land values and it also enjoys a thriving tourist trade driving much revenues to their businesses and the City itself. There has been much attention to the surrounding area such as neighboring Costa Rica.

First hint: unless is another Tupilapa,other than the one 5Kms from Casares which in fact is about 75Kms from managua as stated below.

Tupilapa is also 75 Kilometers South of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, which is a large consumer of everything that surrounding farms produce including Piadrine.

How in the hell can a place be 75Kms from Managua and exactly 75 North of SJDS????? ummmm,I guess if you don't know Nica you could take the bait huh??? shady, shady, shady.

I guess we may find out more one day.

Seeing as one of the two Canadians is a member here.

busy busy busy

I recognized the name of the NL member.

Mr. Thorn seems a very busy guy, at least he's all over the internet. My favorite? He's a member of the "Global Illumination Council"

Cue the PT Barnum quote.

HIs favorite topics of study....

Finance, Economics, Corporate Structure, Interactive Content Development, Stocks, Bonds, Bikes, Boats, Cars, Sports, Technology, Classics, Art, Food, Music, Theater, Culture, Travel, Quantum Mechanics, Social Engineering, philosophy, Games and Theory, Making Deals, Interesting High Thinking People but most of all a Good Adventure!!!!

We all know that all along he was studying a small Amazon on line book called "How to be Successful in Nicaraguan Real Estate" by Chris Berry, Former Owner of Pelican Eyes

What is it with aging white boys and a last adventure?

This is now the third one who expressed a desire for an adventure in Nicaragua.

One last score?

Rebecca Brown

I don't think they spent long enough in the Boy Scouts

Is there such a thing as an Unadventure in Nicaragua?

Going to the market for a pound of tomatoes is an adventure if you let it be one...

Spelling errors were amusing

"breading horses" "Ex-Patriots" Also, last time I looked, house prices in Costa Rica had fallen and prices in San Juan del Sur were higher than CR.

Rebecca Brown

Looks like its all over...for now

Typo or ???

Development Nicaragua SA la que a través de internet estaba ofreciendo 538.5 manzanas de tierras costeras en playa Amarillo a un precio de 31,959.15 dólares.

Is that the price per manzana, bad arithmetic or ???

Wild West

In truth, I didn't see them actually take any money. I've printed proposals like this where a project is initially floated, or investors are sought to acquire an existing property.

I hope the one guy gets his furniture and property back from the police -maybe as the son of the one Nicaraguan charged, it was nothing but an attempted land grab.