C.B. radios..

i was chatting with a friend up in the states..dose anyone use them down here..are they legal..or do u need a special lic. for them..i have never seen or heard of anyone using them here..do the truckers use them..can u go from 1 country to the other with them..?????

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I did a quick look to see what is available today. The Amazon search result for cb radio was like a trip back into the past. Pretty much the same equipment/type of equipment you could find 30 years ago with the same sorts of prices. That is, from $30 to $100 or so.

I have never seen any units for sale in Nicaragua but I did see some in Costa Rica and was told you could find them in Honduras. The issue would then be importation. As I have heard truckers using them, my guess is that if they were part of your vehicle you would not have a problem crossing the border with them. And I do know their use is legal in Nicaragua without any permit required.


used to have one in the states..and was just wondering


I assume that is the kind you are talking about. On the 11 meter ex-ham band. I ask because the 462MHz radios are also Citizen's Band, just a different class. They, however, are short range only.

I tried to import a pair of used 27MHz units. The story is somewhere but basically TELCOR said they are legal and need no permit and aduanas said I couldn't import them without a TELCOR permit.

I know they are used in vehicles as I have listened on the band and heard vehicles (truckers and personal) chatting. There is one channel, I forget which, that is the normal one used for people on the Pan Am.

I Looked At

a ranch in Honduras that had a vhf link between the mountain property (420 acres it was, neat place, but pretty much inaccessible a good part of the year, like stepping back 100 years) -- and an apartment in Tegus.

They were selling the thing as a package, Tegus apartment plus ranch (plus radio link).

Too much adventure . . .

What would you need for a reliable radio (voice) link between Managua and the mountains of Segovia (assuming you couldn't get a cell signal)?

How Far?

You can do high speed 7-8 miles with yagi antennas on each end from internet source, has to be line of site. Spend a little more on amps and maybe faster and more reliable. I did this when Calle Calzada had first cable internet in Granada and was able to send to my place on the rim. For mountains if you must have internet you can use Dstar with 2 Icom's ID-1 on each end but is slow only 4800 kbs. 40 miles is possible depending on some factors. Up in Galtinberg I have used this way and was able to text and do emails ok. For voice ham or marine band radio(s). You can pick up used gear for cheap.seperate the mics and if questioned they are amps.

Too much

There is not going to be a line of sight path. Years ago I was working with the Bomberos who had this issue. Even from here, the mountains between here and Managua block the path.

Your best bet is to get a ham license. There are some mountaintop repeaters available.