Tabasco chile

Tabasco chile

I fell into some local seeds for this so I grew them out of curiosity. Seems to grow fine at 850 meters. This is the chile used in Lousiana hot sauce and it is contract grown throughout western Nic. for export to the US in mash form. It is aged 3 years before being processed and bottled. It's generally too hot for my tastes, although I recently bottled up chilero with 1 tabasco and the rest chopped up onions in a vinegar solution. After 3 weeks I'll try it to see if the flavors have mixed to my taste.

I noticed some similar chiles at the city market and asked what they were. One vendor was clueless and the others answered 'chile indio' and 'chile bravo'.

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Maria says she knows them as

Chile El Diablo or Chile Dulce