From Garbage to Tourism

Hearing about the horrors of trash is the norm so it was nice to see a dump success story. An article in InfoSurHoy talks about a 14 year project in El Rosario, a community 32km south of Managua, to build a model dump.

Fourteen years later, El Rosario’s waste management station opened in January 2012 as a botanical garden. The government is urging the community to enjoy the garden’s variety of trees and ornamental plants that are rooted in fertilizer composed of organic waste.

Anyone here have first hand knowledge of the facility?

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Wow! Impressive! Shows

what could be done.

Are those numbers believable? $45K to get it started, and $3500 /month to operate the system? That's an awfully decent price for composted fertilizer.

Impressive website as well.


Is Peter Palma Mora 89296674, give him a call to make him go forward. Did you know that they even built a nursery for food plants based on the waist from this little town. Check out who lives in this town and it's a almost who is who. Peter is a good friend of mine and would not be unhappy to hear good news, the largest bakery in Carazo is located there as well. Roger

Old technology

Good idea, but I suspect high labor cost of separateing toxics from organics is the hangup in most places.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand


I run a small garbage to botanical garden in my yard. Every year I build a new brick planter which I fill with garbage, dog poop, prunings, fallen leaves, etc. Odds and ends of surplus dirt , sand and fine selecto are also thrown in as available. When it is full I let it settle a few months and then plant ornamental plants in it. With our high water table and clay soil, this makes for good growing conditions for many plants.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand


Thanks for sharing this. I want to see this for myself.

Article uses the word 'families' so that I would think means children working on the front end of this enterprise separating the medical waste, heavy metals, etc. from what is useful for the 'organic' side of the enterprise. I'll give em the benefit of the doubt but I would not be surprised if no masks or gloves are being used by the kids during the initial separation.

In more civilized countries children have to go to school, cannot be working handling these materials, etc. I saw documentary in China where this is being done on industrial scale with computer scrap. Truck loads of computer parts are dumped and children pick up everything from old CRT's to desktops. They are twisting off contacts from chips, removing the smallest bit of copper, specks of gold. The metal computer desktop cases are brought to a huge pile after they are flattened where they are sold to a foundry that melts them down.

Yeah, It's Amazing

how they can ship a container all the way to China, and still make some serious money on the scrap. Kind of like old ships to India. Containers probably return to China at a steep discount.

Way back when they used to shear the contacts off circuit boards in the US, a board that originally might have sold for $10K, and melt them down for the gold (just the contact strip). That's probably factored into the scrap price now, with the whole shooting match now going to China. China used to get all the old motors and transformers off of equipment, for the copper, the rest went to metal recycler for 5 cents /pound. We waste so much in this country, but what are the alternatives?

I hope the kids are going to school in the morning, working the "recyclables" in the afternoon. I'd like to get some of truckloads of that fertilizer, use it as a base.

At my last job

they sent somebody down from central plant to see that $40,000 worth of old computer parts (fair market value as-is, most were unused and had set on a warehouse shelf their whole life) were thrown in the dumpster when we got a new system. The electrician was mad because he had planned to salvage the gold (at $300 gold!).

Stated reason: fear of selling used to another public utility due to perceived liability issues. i wonder if the manager got an `merit increase`for saving the district from such liability?

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

The alternatives?

I'm concerned about this claim...

....Ibarra said that 100% of solid waste collected by the municipality will be used by Binicsa, and in this context explained that Rivas produces 400 tons per day of waste.....100%...All the Styrofoam and plastic?

And, ...He must mean the Department not the Municipality as that is a huge figure...40 ten ton trucks a day!

Semana Santa, Easter Week we can generate 30 tons for the whole week in SJdS

April 2012 Matagalpa City....78 toneladas diarias,

En la ciudad de Matagalpa se generan 2 mil 364 toneladas de basura mensual, es decir, unas 78 toneladas diarias, según el responsable del Departamento de Higiene y Servicios Municipales, Fernando Oporta.