Council Receives Water Law Training for Del Sur News

On August 2nd 2012, about 15 city officials received training on the implementation process of Law 620 the Water Law (which was passed into law in 2007 and regulations were added in 2010).

The activity was held in the Municipal Civic Centre. The training was provided by officials from the Nicaragua Water Authority (ANA) and during the activity the officials disclosed the especially urgent need to protect watersheds, such as Basin 72 located in the southern part of San Juan del Sur.

It was announced that a territorial plan will be implemented to protect water resources in the area. San Juan del Sur is more advanced in regional studies and the ANA delegate said that the security plan includes guidelines consisting of the creation of a National Water Resources System, a National Public Registry of Water Rights, Bodies of Watershed Management Plan as well as Water and Aquatic Resources Monitoring.

The watershed protection plan is supported by the German Cooperation Organization GIZ who is providing 6 million Euros to be invested in the areas of Masaya, Rivas, Chontales and Boaco.

Eddy Gallegos, the ANA Director General of Water Basins (ANA) explained that this is a first meeting with the officials from SJDS and this allows for the preparation of the Water Law Implementation Plan.

Gallegos said that the law seeks to manage water resources and the rational use of those resources. He added that the prohibitions of the law are covered in the Penal Code of Nicaragua. The law seeks to organize the rational use of water and revealed that in SJDS, the main water basin is located in the area of Ostional.