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i will be a pensionado soon and will be moving later this fall. i've read all of the pro's and cons of shipping stuff. I'm considering a 40' container that i read on one site/ that i can load as full as i can manage with 2 vehicles and fill in all around/ over them with household belongings up to $20,000 worth. the value is not my concern as much as has anyone done this. i want to ship from newark to managua/ since i'll be living in the granada area. i also read that i fill/ lock the container and once it's in nicaragua then i go thru the inspection process etc. i already know the details of making a list/ pictures of contents/ etc. any thoughts/ costs$/ who to use? also how much can i expect to pay in tax on the second vehicle/ us value $5000. thanks/ steve

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If your Residency is complete and finalized you should get at least one of the vehicles duty free, as well as most of the household goods. If you don't have the Residency yet you might wait on shipping the container???

Customs says:

Import Tariff (DAI) is 10% minimum on every car SO ADD TEN % TO ALL PERCENTAGE FIGURES BELOW

Specific Consumption Tax (IEC) is added, mainly depending on engine size: as follows:

Engine Size in cm 3 (litres)

0 to 1.600 - 10%

1.601 to 2.600 - 15%

2.601 to 3.000 - 20%

3.001 to 4.000 - 25%

Greater than 4.001 - 30%

So your 4.5 litre gas guzzler is 40%, other fees depending on the list of other things you need to do, see below. (Calculate that little lot out as a percentage!! and IMO you can add another 5% minimum).

This is the site you need:

REMEMBER - Has to be newer than 10 years old and they do the valuing, not Craigs List!!

Do These Numbers Apply

to motorcycles too? Let's say someone wanted to bring a Harley down.

And, do they use any consistent basis for the valuation, like KBB?

One other questions I've not seen addressed: The exemption for import (meeting the qualifications of course) is $25K. Can this be used for a $20K car and a $5K motorcycle? Or is it specifically limited to one vehicle.

I can't find the information you referenced; that was a link to the home page, despite a lot of searching. Can you provide a hint?


Here is the law...

Thank You

very much.