Where is Ernesto?

Where is Ernesto?

Any idea where he is? Last I heard he was in Argentina.

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Was in Spain more than once this summer, first to collect the Queen Sofia Prize for Poetry - which comes with a hefty $50k stipend, too. A month or so ago again in Spain, claiming scientific inqiury gets one closer to god than does religion.

I saw him in a TV interview

He claims that if he returns to Nicaragua he will be jailed. Is there an open warrant for his arrest? If so what are the charges?

Its over an old property dispute fine that he didn't pay

Poetry and Romanticism;....his story is that he has a prison sentence hanging over him for a fine he didn't pay over a complicated land dispute in Solentiname. He figures that in Nicaragua anyone over 70 doesn't go to jail anyway. He lives in Managua and Solentiname.