Yet another small shipment from the US came in without drama

I ordered Season Three of White Collar because someone was getting locked out of some purchases on Amazon and I thought (and was right) that it was for products that Amazon couldn't legally sell to Nicaraguan rather than anything global on either Amazon's or Nicaragau's part. I was correct. Amazon sells most things if the license is right. The New Yorker and a few other things, no license, no shipment.

This came in without even the handling fee.

I have an extremely politically incorrect joke about Lola, but I won't tell it here.

One of the other expats here took one of his Nicaraguan friends to the USA Articulos store to look at televisions. He suspected that he was going to be asked to help pay for it. She lives in a zinc sided, zinc roofed house with a dirt floor, with the wiring he installed, gets her water from a neighbor for a few cordobas a month, and makes and sells tortilla door to door. He said, "We can't imagine living like that, but they even save money."

She pulled out over C$1000 and paid for the machine.

Nicaragua -- busting cliches since the 15th Century.