Really Interesting Phrases

I've always wanted to be able to say: that really sucks! and now I can:

"Bueno, lo que realmente me pudre . . ." and this is cute too: .." “ ...pescando mordidas .. ”

And (my kind of girl): " En una ocasión salí del carro a gritarle a un taxista: ¿Tenés que pitar, jodido?" I take it "jodido" is the Nicaraguan equivalent of "pendejo" or the English "butthead"?

" me sacaba el dedo… " But how do you give the finger?

And finally:

Esta ciudad me acalambra, de plano. "This city pisses me off, plain and simple" We Gringos and Nicaraguans have more in common than we think.

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Moral of the story

Seems to be....not everyone who annoys you is trying to annoy you! Maybe they are just trying to tell you that your tire is low on air!!!!

Cultural ignorance can be the source of much misunderstanding for both the people whose culture you have entered and for yourself. For instance, last night around 6 pm, the neighbors, more or less across the street, had a celebration service to honor the virgin mary. The had huge loudspeakers on the sidewalk pointed in my direction (and the direction of all of us on this side of the street) and I couldn't hear my own music, nor watch tv, nor read, nor even think for the intensity of the volume. But with a microphone turned up to infinity volume, the person in charge proceeded to invite any and all to come and participate in the event, enjoy the fellowship and get right with God and his mother. How could I hate all that noise when they were just trying to save my soul????

So I put on some appropriate clothes, spiffed up my hair a bit, walked out the front door..... and headed over to.......... Terry's Diner......several blocks away, where I could eat my dinner in peace!!!!! When I got back around 8 pm, they had packed up and were gone so I got a good night's sleep.

Culture!!!!! Learn to live with it or let it drive you crazy! The choice is yours!!!!!


Literally, it means "a pubic hair". But, we all knew that. It seems to be the Nicaraguan equivalent of the Yiddish "schmuck". I have heard, however, that there are places in Mexico that it is right up there with suggesting that someone's mother has sex with assorted animals so be careful.