Chocoyero--A great Tourist spot to walk and relax!!

We did Chocoyero today(Aug 19 2012), thought I would throw down a few (maybe) helpful items. • 45 minutes from Stop & Go on Masaya highway (which is 8.5 km Masaya Highway) • 4x4 not called for, just a vehicle with some clearance. Last 5km is hard packed, some cobble stone pavement. Some muddy parts, but not deep or wide. If your tires have a lot of tread, you should be fine. • They offer 2 main tours, a 20 minute short tour and a longer 1.5 hr tour(we did it in 1hr 15min at a slow pace) • They do offer a 6-8 hr tour, but one has to reserve that in advance and be there no later than 0830. They go higher up into the forest-----and the trail for that is not really a trail in some parts!! Little more hardcore. • Right now you only get to see 1 waterfall---the other waterfall can be seen in the Dry season, but you need reservations for that—and you need a guide and they take along a Park Ranger. Which I’m sure will cost you more $$$ • Best time to see the birds(parakeets) is early in the morning when they depart the nest (by the waterfall) and around 1630 when they return • They do have a spot to pitch a tent if you wish to stay overnight (think they even supply the tents) Not sure what the price is • As well they offer cabins, but not exactly sure where they are located or the price • We had a great time and was a nice walk through the forest. Some areas did have steep incline/declines, so for elderly family/friends may not be a great idea—but 1 could do the shorter route with no problems as it was fairly flat • Guides only Speak Spanish • Creatures we saw today: Ants, beetles, lizards, monkeys, parakeets, frog eggs, tadpoles and got to hold a frog! • Highly recommend Chocoyero!!!! Just be prepared to take ur time the last 5km on the road!! phone # 2276-7810(7811)

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Nice to hear a live report.

Via Nica has a good entry on this, as well as a list of 24 other reservas if you are into this sort of thing.


Cool!! I should mentioned the "20 min" tour is approx 20 min to 1 waterfall--and then 20 min back to the starting area