Dengue in Jinotega August 2012

I'd figured as much from the Minsa guys fogging inside the houses last week about two or three weeks after fogging earlier and fogging all over the streets over the weekend and today, but my favorite shop owner confirmed it. People with asthma aren't fairing too well with the insecticide in the air, and I suspect this could be nasty for the insect-eating birds, but the Minsa reaction to this has been quite impressive.

The word is that it's this district as opposed to this barrio, so it's generally the north end of Jinotega, if not all of Jinotega. The mosquitos may not move far from where they're hatched, but people are rather much more mobile than they were in the 19th Century and earlier. Anyone coming to Jinotega in the next week or so probably will want to take extra care not to get bitten by los zancudos.

My shop owner's grandson had had dengue classico a few months earlier that he apparently caught in Matagalpa.