Anybody See Jason Puracal on CNN Yesterday 8/20/2012?

Watched Anderson Cooper on CNN yesterday day at 8/20 @ about 6:30 reporting what they said was the last day of the appeal trial. Had a reporter there and camera.

Toward the end they showed part of Jason's speech to the court. He looked to be in much better shape than what I have seen in the past.

Anybody have a link to the full speech and maybe English translation?

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Old reference that has core of the case

I hope they cut him loose. Seems the core of the case are the money transfers. Hard to nail down when they occurred as he claims did not sell any real estate for 6 months and hit hard times. If the court has money transfers that were not linked directly to real estate transactions could be the problem that caused all this for him. Who he did these for-maybe he was just doing a favor for the referenced boat owner in the piece who police accused of drug dealing.

I think there is strong possibility his appeal will be denied...


If they had such transactions, they should have introduced it as evidence.

Your link was lifted ...

From a Nica/Tico Times edition

Its 100% Tim Rogers work.

Surf Ranch cut and pasted it on their web site and I don't see an acknowledgement to the journalist.

You don't want to release a thin frail man

Bad publicity...

Lets hope his remarkable physical appearance is a positive sign.

This report says we will know in 3 days!

Reports now say 10 days for the decision...

Sounded in one account like his family got him moved the white collar cells. I am not sure whether they were paying for better accommodations or not, but some US jails take money for better cells and food.

Rebecca Brown

"Sounded Like" and "I am not sure"

...then switch to US scenario...

Patterns, just noticing patterns.

Try to be more polite

....actually. Is it wasted on NicaLiving members?

Or do you want the full court press Google search for the precise thing I read?

Rebecca Brown