Poor Indians, not here but USA


I just posted a link that cough my eyes. I think, but again that is what I THINK should be solved by the US Government or the state, this is very bad to read for anybody that knows a little about history. Shame I would say.

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Reynolds Prairie

The land in question already includes roads through it including the one in the middle mentioned only as a possibility in the referenced www (what might change is that the dirt road there could later be paved). The article doesn't mention that the Reynolds family has provided the Lakota with access to the site throughout ownership or that Chase Iron Eyes, prominent member of the Standing Rock Sioux and part of land recovery projects, said the family should be commended for how well they have preserved the sacred land and for giving the tribes such access throughout. The land has been in the Reynolds family since first homesteaded in 1876 (current images from the Auctioneer). The concern is that this provided access will end, depending on the new owners, and that the land will be transformed – and not handled as the Reynolds have done so. Unless extremely wealthy -and likely- anonymous donors emerge, they will not be able to buy much if any land. This parcel will likely go for 7-9 million dollars and last I heard, no Sioux tribe had more than $50k appointed and collectively they were perhaps still under $180k. This land is the only sacred parcel not currently under Sioux control. The article also doesn't mention the fact that there are non-Sioux groups also trying to save the land, known as "Reynolds Prairie", from development. I live a 30-minute drive from the land in question. Go another direction and you are at the site of another array of disputes per the surrounding areas but,strictly speaking, the land itself isn't danger, nor is any form of access: Bear Butte /// Bear Butte State Park. Many issues and potential solutions are further complicated by the fact that SD is extremely conservative, politically, very pro business, and one of the poorest states in the country, with the poorest locales within being some of the worst in the nation.

The auction is cancelled.

After a outcry of support for this poor people CNN reports that the auction is canceled without any known reason. Like that.


From a friend in Libby Montana i got some information that the American Prairie association might be interested in saving this, they are very active and have some money to spend, it's not on their books since Buffalo and trying to create a huge reserve of prairie is their main goal, but they are looking at this as well, it comes down to the dollar.

Very imformative

Rarely do you get a response to the a issue witch is somewhat controversial even today, the information supplied by mjt was very informative and good.

We learn everyday.

Thanks mjt.


Land Ownership Issues

It's interesting that you posted this right after land ownership issues in Nicaragua came up (again). Usanos seem all too concerned with how things work in Nicaragua but forgot what happened historically in the US. It's clear that a system which is concerned with land ownership puts those who don't believe that the earth can be owned at a disadvantage.

Nice to see people

using legal free-market means to resolve their perceived cultural needs.

As far as ``poor Indians``, it`s got to be rough to have land that is paid for and judgement-proof, freedom from many local zoning and environmental laws, free medical care for life, exemption from income tax for money earned on the reservation, and preferrencial treatment for jobs off the res. If somebody has to be conquered or liberated by somebody, may they be blessed that it be the US of A!

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand


First time poster, not trying to get off on the wrong foot but blessed? Treaties were broken by the US every time there was an opportunity. Native women were being forcefully sterilized and having their children taken away at birth as recently as the 70's. Free health-care for life? Only if you live on the res and only at your res clinic where funds are generally low and so they can only offer the most basic services.

welcome aboard, sketel

Don`t mind the politics. Opinions are like belly buttons--everybody has one!

My point is all the whining about the past, much of it ancient history , leads nowhere. With all the rights and special privileges bestowed on today`s Indians they should all be millionaires in a generation--if they are up to the challenge..

"Anything that is complex is not useful and anything that is useful is simple. This has been my whole life's motto."

Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russian inventor

Plus All The

health issues the Indians have been cursed with trying to adapt to our foodstuffs and alcohol.

They may well be the "canary in the coal mine" for the rest of us. We're starting to see the endemic "Indian" problems, obesity, diabetes, premature kidney failure, in this generation of US adolescents.

I don't drink ANY soft drinks anymore; something undefinable is going on with our common diet, and it's not positive.

Some are coming back, thanks to the Casino money being pumped into their community. Money does buy you better choices, but you still have to make that personal choice.