Fake Journalists Arrested

Insight Crime reports that seventeen Mexicans and one other person were arrested after entering Nicaragua posing as Televisa journalists. They were traveling in six Televisa vans. They claimed they were here to cover the trail of of Henry Fariñas.

Nicaraguan officials have arrested 18 individuals posing as Mexican journalists on assignment to cover a high-profile criminal trial in the Central American country, accusing them of criminal ties and seizing at least seven million dollars in hard currency.

The story is still unfolding but the kind of money involved sure makes this point to organized crime, most likely in Mexico.

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Is Televisa Involved?

The vehicles involved were vans with Televisa logos on them but Televisa, a Mexican TV network, denies involvement. A Knight Center blog updates us on the possible connection.

While Televisa denied owning the trucks, Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard verified that the vehicles were registered under Televisa's name, reported the newspaper La Jornada. The Mexico City government has opened an investigation into whether officials at the Secretary of Transport and Roads were involved in some kind of irregularity regarding the vehicles' registration process, according to Aristegui Noticias.

If this story does not suddenly vanish from the news it is likely to offer some interesting insight into the illegal drug business.

Updates -- in Spanish

Short news video in Spanish that updates the story.

The money bags went from....

$7 million to $ 9.25 million +

Money that was deposited in the Banpro under the order of the Supreme Court.

Police spokesman Fernando Borge said the money was counted in the presence of officials from the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

The Catholic Church through the Archbishop of Managua, Archbishop Leopoldo Brenes, has publicly requested that the money seized to be used for social projects like education and health.