Matagalpa's Hotel San Jose Discriminates Against Pedophils, Yeah!

In the Hotel San Jose's "Codigo de Ética Genera - Normas De Conducta para Clientes Y Visitantes" , I came across a guest rule that I have never seen promulgated in any other hotel I've visited in the world. After making clear that the hotel does not discriminate against anyone for reasons of race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation or politics, its Guests' Rules Code goes on to recite:

Estamos en contra de la explotación sexual de menores. Se prohibe la entrade en las habitaciones de menores de edad (que no tengan relación de parentesco comprobada con documentos) en compañia de adultos, de acuerdo a la ley contra la explotación sexual de menores.

So, the hotel will refuse service to adults seeking to exploit unrelated minors on its premises! Hope other hotels around the world will adopt the San Jose's policy and protect our children.

The San Jose Hotel is not only in the forefront of safe-guarding minors, it also provides a charming ambiance for visitors, immaculately clean rooms and premises, with a friendly, helpful staff, a lovely old-world courtyard garden, and free coffee, cable TV and internet, all for $25.00 U.S. per night.

The Hotel San Jose is located just down the street from the museum honoring the birthplace of Matagalpa's celebrated revolutionary, Carlos Fonseca, near the parque Dario.

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It seems to me that I have seen similar notices in Brazilian hotels in years past, and that they appeared to be part of an organized national program addressing child sex tourism. Hard to see that any hotel would do anything but benefit from a notice like this. There's an opportunity for someone- organize a national program for standards and signage in Nicaraguan hotels to this effect..

Pedophelia in Matagalpa?

While I certainly think this rule is a good thing, I also have never seen it expressed in any hotel either. It makes me wonder if there is or has been a problem in Matagalpa. I have spent time there and have never seen any indications that this is an issue.

Very Strong Feminist Movement Here May Have Raised Issue.

Visited the local Feminist Cultural Center here last night, where more than 200 people, of assorted ages from 3 year olds to sixties or seventies gathered in a hand-painted picturesque courtyard around a stage, where a strange dance/poetry performance took place by a sole Italian male dancer, followed by an excellent jazz/pop band. The band's mix of Latin and international modern music brought many dancers to the floor. Live performances take place every Saturday night, while movies are shown on Fridays. Thursdays no events, just a bar and food offered at reasonable prices. No cover charge. It felt rather like Greenwich Village (West, not East New York City) circa the early 1960's.

I'm told there are two active feminist groups in Matagalpa on opposite sides of the city. I expect that it was the feminists who raised the issue of pedophilia here and are fighting against it in general, rather than a problem emerging from an actual contemporary issue here. I'm told that few tourists come to Matagalpa and there is a very small expat population.

My Irish born host will show me the sights of the city this morning. He has been here for 11 years working with a social development group and is very well integrated into the local community so I expect I will learn a lot more about Matagalpa as we walk the streets this morning.

An INTUR Program has been in place for some time

As a policy, INTUR has established a resolution requiring that tourism businesses, at registration, must sign a Code of Ethics to commit to and sensitize staff working in these establishments.

They provide awareness campaigns in schools, and among tourism entrepreneurs explain about the program in relation to human trafficking and sexual exploitation and sex trade.

You will see the INTUR certificate on display at those premises that are certified.

Here is an exampe from todays paper of that plan in action

August 28, 2012

Esteli, Nicaragua |

Estelianas Police authorities increased their efforts to address and prevent crimes against adolescents, and in that context, temporarily suspended the operating license of a lodge located in the city of Condega, where they discovered a fourty year old who spent the night in a room with child less than twelve years.

This Is Good

My respect for Nicaragua was raised several notches by that article.