Managua Zoo--2 thumbs up!!!

Been in Managua for a year and today was our first time to the zoo! I was afraid the animals may resemble all the stray dogs---thin and not treated well! That does not appear to be the case. All animals looked well fed. Maybe some of the cages were on the small side and as usual, some of them appeared very bored.

The zoo itself is around km16 on Masaya highway--very easy to find! parking was 5 cords!! Admittance pert adult was 15 cord and the butterfly exhibit was another 15 cord!! So very very cheap.

Place was clean and as one would expect, lot of families, some with strollers----not really a smooth surface--was that cobble stone pavement in many places!!

Was very enjoyable and relaxing. Lot of people, but not over crowded, people were very polite. We didnt get to see it al as it started to rain and rain and rain! So we decided to cut it short---of course on the way home, the rain soon stopped!!

The butterfly exhibit was well worth the 15 cords!! 1 could watch a 12 minute movie about butterflies--all in Spanish, or you could just skip it and carry on and check out all the real butterflies!! They give you a time that you can enter--I guess to cut down on to many people in the exhibit at once, but they don't rush you through!! We enjoyed it! One part of it includes birds as well

We were there approx 1.5 hrs and didnt see everything due to the rain, probably easily kill 3 hrs or so if ya wanted. Well worth the see. Its amazing how close 1 can get to the big cats, so ya may want to keep an eye on ur small children!!

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been there several times..

for nicaragua..was real impressed..geeze they do do some things right here in this country..and really u cannt beat the price

65 cents

yep hard to beat that!!! Very clean and we had a great time

Glad to know about this

I've asked some friends if they're interested in going.

Rebecca Brown

Decent zoo

I was there a few years ago. I got talking with one of the officials -- I think she was the manager of the zoo. One of the cats grew up in her house.

As for "getting close", Guadalupe, then about 6, got grabbed on the back by one of the monkeys. We laughed, she didn't. :-)

The other zoo I have been to in Nicaragua is in Jalapa. Also very interesting.

Nice zoo

closed mondays. They also do wildlife rehab but in a different facility. The proprietors are also very involved in conservation activities. I found this zoo to be a pleasant surprize, roughly equal in quality to the one in San Jose, but larger.

The other main zoo is in Juigalpa, Chontales. It`s worth a visit, especially if you combine it with Palo solo Park and the archeological museum. Belt zoo is defineatly more stressed for money and I found it a little depressing in the rainy season but better in the dry weather. Same deal on Parque de los Monos in Matagalpa.

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