Three questions Estesa cable internet please

1st - South Nicaragua SJDS & Rivas seems to be on non-routable private intranet IPs and out to a single publicly routable IP - Changed to this a few months ago - Seems unusual? - Is this some kind of band aid in the transition to IPv6?

Is this the same throughout Nicaragua? Non routable private intranet IPs? Same IP?

2nd - Anyone had problems with SIP Phone or adapter (PAP-2 type) and need to forward in Router?

3rd - Any problems with ping "Request timed out" evenings the past couple of weeks and bad all day Sunday 8-26? - But slightly better now 8:00 on & off - (Command line: ping t - or better create text file ping t & rename .txt to .bat)

Estesa tech help was out a couple of days ago and saw the problem but no fix yet here in all of SJDS

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I had thought the non-routable 10.x.x.x addresses were a leftover from Turbonett and that Enitel would fix this some time after they purchased Turbonett. I have Turbonett Inalambrica, a service that no longer even appears on the Enitel (Claro) web pages.

Based on what you have said, it looks like the chances of this problem getting fixed are around zero at least for now. I have had no SIP routing problems but it sure would be nice if:

  1. I could do a traceroute when I wanted to
  2. I could remotely connect to my computer

Not directly relevant

But my Claro cable connection in Managua showed a 10.x.x.x address the last time I checked. Not sure what the public IP was. Had trouble with straight-forward SIP on it, but I'm not sure if that was Claro's routers or the crap-Tell wireless AP/router/modem/VoIP gateway/battery backup combo unit.

Yota (WiMAX in Managua) was still giving publicly routable IP's last time I checked, and no issue with SIP there.

I dont trust that they didn't

Dig up the fiber optic when they put the entrance to the Blue Energy Wind farm in.

Those red white and blue 2" tubes ran about 18 inches below ground and right along the Pan Am from La Virgen to Rivas.

I have the same system and same issues and my back up 3g sucks too.

Fast right now at 1am!!

Wishful Thinking

but can you get a fixed IP address, and if yes, what does it cost?