mmm que rico! Review: The best buffet food in Managua –

In Bacanalnica we take lunch seriously. We decided to conduct an inquiry and report where the best food buffet Managua, taking into account quality, quantity, variety of food, environment, health, waiting time and a budget of C $ 100 or less . Well, we went a couple of times, but here are the results.

We visited the five most popular buffets in our poll on Facebook : Comida a la vista La Bocca Comedor De Colores La Sazón El Paladar

click the link above to see the results....nice lunches for $4.25 or less~!

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Dona Chayito

about 2 blocks north of Cementerio Oriental. Great food!!! always busy always full. Try the Guizo de pipian or the Salpicon

I didn't know they had

I didn't know they had buffets in Nica. When we go to Managua to visit family, we stay at the MIL/SIL's house. They live in Western part of Managua, near the Esso refinery.

Do you have a map or address for these places? We usually eat at home or take the family out to Pizza Hut.

they have them..

all over mga..and most towns..just ask ure relitives if any are near by..they probably like pizza hut better


Will have to try them out!! Thanks

i probaley eat at..

Comida a la vista 3 or 4 days a week..i dont think u can beat it..but never tried the other places..will try La Bocca ..soon..i dont live that far from there..never new it was there..thanks for a great post