Here is yet another free Spanish learning tool. The web site is It is a learning site thanks to Capella University. Spanish is just one of possible things you can learn.

While you can find other languages, including English, there are many other topics including Mathematics and Science covered. It looks like a good general-purpose site for learning. They are also looking for teachers.

Here is their about page. It makes them sound like they are trying to offer a positive experience for Facebook addicts. Based on what I see in my own house, this certainly needs to be done.

SOPHIA creates a vibrant learning community that empowers students to learn in their own way, helps teachers to innovate, and provides an opportunity to achieve an affordable college degree.

We are surrounding the traditional classroom with a worldwide classroom that connects people who want to learn with people willing to teach.

SOPHIA is a first-of-its-kind social education platform created to reach 21st century students: digital natives who grew up with Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube in a highly interactive and personalized digital world.

We believe that a social learning experience, one that encourages exploratory and cooperative learning, is an opportunity to make higher education more affordable. At SOPHIA, we are putting students on a path to a lower cost college degree.

A good example of using the site to learn Spanish is Zapatos Nuevos. It is a video story to help you understand how to decide when to use por and when to use para. I felt this was particularly good as it will make sense for Spanish learners at many levels.