In Nicaragua, Teonoste land conflict still unresolved | Nicaragua Dispatch

Walter Bühler says the government has been trying to take his land for the past six months

By Tim Rogers/ Nicaragua Dispatch August 30, 2012

More than six months after denouncing the Nicaraguan government for attempting to occupy part of their sprawling beachfront property in Tola, Walter Bühler, owner of the Punta Teonoste eco-hotel, claims his problem with the Sandinista administration has not yet been resolved.

Bühler, a Swiss-Nicaraguan dual citizen, says the ongoing saga over his property rights has remained out of the press for the past five months, but nothing has changed since the day armed agents from the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGR) forcibly occupied a plot of land adjacent to their hotel.

“The case is not resolved, and we are still not willing to cede land,” Bühler told The Nicaragua Dispatch in a recent interview. “The Prosecutor General’s Office has not advanced on the issue. Now they aren’t even interested in measuring the property because they know what they are doing is wrong and that our title is in order. They are no longer insisting they are right, now they are just saying we need to give them 10 manzanas (17.5 acres) of land.”


I blogged about this story when it first popped up back in February. It appears to be a good old fashioned government shakedown now. Idiots.

blogged about here--->

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hold on....

this type of conduct needs to be brought to light. it took me five years of hard work and a constant barrage on my lawyer/s , the seller , the broker/agent , to get my legit legal title. during my process i was ripped of for about 2k and 2 yrs of b.s

gov't deals or not , any rip off crap should be listed here, i have names of people not to deal with if you need..... p.m me...

PM is the way to go

...any rip off crap should be listed here

While I agree with the sentiment 100%, I think you will find most website owners are loathe to do that. Too much liability, even if it is only the cost of massive amounts of wasted time and effort.

The "slickest" way is via PM. The ex-pat coconut wire is a pretty effective tool.

I have also seen an increase in personal blogs (wordpress, et al) where the sole purpose is to out the crooks and shame them in the light of day. YMMV

Here is a good example of that

They are actually getting somewhere as group.

What it did was identify the leaders and followers as well as those just barking and grandstanding.

Now, those few 'doers' can get on and sort the mess out.

Double Edged Sword

for those of use who plan on investing in Nicaragua. On the one hand, you hope the potential new investors don't realize how tenuous a land holding in Nicaragua is, on the other hand " There but for the grace of God go I "

You'd think Nicaragua would go easy on the land confiscations -at least until the investors for the canal have transferred their funds.

for sure...

I have holdings here too and don't want it to happen to anyone; when it does I want to raise heck since this sort of idiocy is bad for everyone. But on the other side of my mouth I say "investors keep coming!"

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee

In the US it is called eminent domain

Not saying this is not a terrible situation but investors need to remember that governments in "industrialized" nations can and will do the same thing at times. The one case I can remember off hand was when there was plans for a private development company to build a shopping center near the airport in Seattle. A car rental company was forced to sell a significant acreage to the port of Seattle for well below market value. The land was then transferred to the development company and the car rental company had nowhere to go since proximity to the airport was necessary for successful operation. UPDATE: just fact checked my post and it was actually the city of SeaTac, where the Seattle airport is located, that had condemned the land where the park and fly was located but the condemnation was later rescinded. But there are other recent instances in the US where private companies have benefited from the eminent domain laws, especially for "urban renewal" projects.

Expedition Nicaragua Build in Nicaragua

No, Teonoste is not

an Eminent domain, compulsory purchase, resumption/compulsory acquisition, or expropriation issue under a local authority or government needing the land for a new road or public development.

It's a property border dispute between the owners of the land and the government who say that part of the land should not have been part of a purchase by Teonoste and decided to just give it to someone else - Eden Pastora.

Laws in US have been used similarly

Yes, this is apparently more descarada than most cases in the US but State governments have not just used eminent domain to acquire land for roads or public development but have also condemned land/property and then handed that land over to private, for profit companies that use the land for private development. Here is a link to a case that was heard before the supreme court. While in this instance, the properties were given to a company rather than an individual, there was no dispute as to the conditions under which the property had been previously acquired. The state simply decided that this company could use the property to generate more tax revenue than the then current owners could produce.

Expedition Nicaragua Build in Nicaragua

And if after all that...(I read the link)

they lost...Imagine what hope you have here with this system?

In the Teonoste case, the Attorney General just walked onto the property, took it and gave it to Comandante Cero.