Sirens failed | La Prensa

Faced tsunami threat did not work in the West, but had been tested

The Early Warning System (EWS) was activated successfully yesterday to the tsunami threat, but sirens failed in the West. The EWS was launched after the warning of the earthquake of Richter magnitude 7.6 in the north of Costa Rica.


Reading between the lines here, it appears that the sirens warning of a possible tsunami after yesterday's earthquake off of Costa Rica was more or less a failure, at least in the Occidente region. The warning system was activated, but did not sound in many important beach communities, especially in the northwest in the beaches of Leon and Chinadega departments.

Something in there too about how the scientists of INETER would not address the press, but instead Rosario Murillo did all the communications... She seems to really be able to "do it" all, doesn't she?

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