Canada to San Salvador Direct Flight

I was looking up some info on the TACA web site and noticed they offer a direct flight from Toronto to San Salvador. As the typical TACA flight from the US to Nicaragua stops in San Salvador, that looks like a good option for Canadians who wish to avoid a US stop.

Note that I was talking to guy from Germany yesterday who has done a lot of traveling. He told me that Brazil has installed US-style airport scanners but they only use them for people traveling on US passports. He was amused.

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Most of the latinos

Most of the latinos I know in Canada are from El Salvador. Air Transat has direct flights from Montreal to EL Salvador too but they're charters.

Add $400 or so

For the Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton connection to Toronto. But as Fyl says those with Hobsons choice can by-pass the USA.

That rout has been active

That rout has been active for Years... Wife, SIL and our 3 children took that in 2004. It was the first trip for my wife in 13 yrs at the time..

It is the only option for some extended family who have gone "non-linear" on some Home Land Security personal and have managed to get them on the "Excluded from the party list"

The layover in San Salvador was quite long in 04 IIRC... Not sure now. At the time the flight was a few hundred less than a US connecting flight..

As of today there is no real difference in cost of YYZ flights to MGA regardless of their connecting points..

Is There Any

activity out of LA that I don't know about, charters, airlines that don't show up on common search sites?

Taca goes through El Salvador, but the flight was about $100 more than through Houston with United/Continental. It would be nice to see something approaching those $180 AA flights to MGA form MIA.