Since when someone without a Cedula can not resegester a car in Nicaragua

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A friend stopped by Sunday and said he needed to register his car and was wondering how to get to Transito. He went Monday and everything was fine until he got to the final window and was told that he could not register his car with just a Canadian passaport (he is the process of getting his residency). The question is, has the law changed recently. In my vicarious experience, in the past, a passport was sufficient.

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yes it has,

not sure if was just leniency in the laws before but it wasn't hard to do. Now it is next to impossible. Went through all this last year trying to register my vehicle and also came to the same stumbling block after a 3 week process thinking it was finally finished. Your friend will need to wait until he receives his residency then should be OK to finalize the registration.

The official (thin blue) line...

Requisitos: 1-Presentar Cédula de Identidad original y fotocopia. 2-Original o copia certificada ante notario, del título de propiedad. 3-Licencia de circulación anterior. 4-Recibo de pago de impuestos por derechos de transmisión. (Avalúo Catastral) 5-Recibo de pago por cambio de dueño C$ 50.00 6-Presentar Original y Copia del recibo de pago del impuesto municipal de rodamiento vigente. 7-Inspección técnica mecánica vehicular en los talleres autorizados, verificada en la Dirección Seguridad de Tránsito. 8-Escritura pública de constitución debidamente inscrita, si es persona jurídica. 9-Presentar original y copia de la póliza del seguro, según servicio que preste. 10-Si está prendado por casa comercial o DGA, presentar documento de cancelación de gravamen. 11-Presentar original y copia de Poder Notariado cuando el trámite se realice a través de representante legal y fotocopia de cédula

Another site, but not the easiest to get around, is this one:

Tramites Nicaragua

been there, done that

4 or 5 years ago--no plates until you get the cedula. Big bonus, you get stopped at every police roadblock in the libertarian paradise because you do not have plates. In my case it was on a new vehicle but a friend in the same period was able to keep the plates on a used vehicle he bought. Get the cedula. Get a Nica drivers license

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