Comment Order

In one of the thread there was mention that "comments were displayed in the wrong order". Let me clarify how comment ordering works.

You can select how comments are displayed. First, there is an option that just sets the way posts are related. Options include:

  • Thread list - expanded -- (I believe that is the default.) What you see are the complete comments with replies to a specific comment indented below it.
  • Threaded list - collapsed -- Like the above but you only see the comment titles and need to click on them to see the actual comment.
  • Flat list - expanded -- Comments in order with no indenting.
  • Flat list - collapsed -- Comment titles in order without indenting.

Now, what order? The next option allows you to change between newest first or oldest first. You can also set the number of comments displayed per page.

Set the viewing option you want and click on the Save settings button and, assuming you are logged in, that will be saved as your default.

Comment viewing options

Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.

I was talking about

Someone placing their post so as to wreck a thread or line of thought. Rather like an umpire calling for new balls in the middle of rally. I solved my problem, I took my blog entry down.

It was about Jason Puracal but Rebecca turned it into an anti tourism rant and we had all seen enough of it.

In any case, I am set for newest first and on the post entitled: Former Enemies? Why not Potential Partners? post, here are the 1,2,3 order so that's not working is it?

Submitted by oncidiumfan on Mon, 2012/09/17 - 13:04. Submitted by Wade on Wed, 2012/09/19 - 06:14. Submitted by melian on Mon, 2012/09/17 - 19:09.

Threaded or Flat

If you are using threaded then the time order is within the thread. I just tried this with the order set to Flat and it seems fine.