More Telecommunications Competition?

Not from Spain (Movistar) or Mexico (Enitel) but China. While Nicasat-1 is a done deal and is expected to be financed by Chinese banks, a Chinese company is expected to win a frequency auction which could bring a third company into the cellular market.

From an FT Blog

Telcor has also been busy with a new cellphone frequency auction. The country is already served by América Móvil, controlled by Mexico’s Carlos Slim, and Spain’s Telefónica. They argue that in such a small market, two companies are more than sufficient.

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china news

heard a rumor..

a while back..that yoto was bought by a chinese waslala claro dose a horrible job..but as a biz. person..i dont think they are makeing money there..or the other small towns out there

They'e getting better and better in Jinotega

Service will be bad one day or for a couple of days, then come back better than it was before. I was watching YouTube videos last night during the prime usage time, which in the past was when I couldn't even surf websites with only static content well. Still goes down if it gets a EDGE signal, but EDGE still works for prepago users outside Jinotega.

I bet the guys working on this are having lots of fun. Our network guys strutted like cowboys.

Rebecca Brown