One more Brit

I am so very happy to say that the resident population of Brits in Nicaragua will shortly rise by two.

18 years ago I met and wooed a truly wonderful, Nicaraguan woman when she was a graduate student in my home town of Lancaster in England. It was true love and after several visits back and forth we married and set up home in the UK. We always had the determined vision that one day we would live in Nicaragua. And so it has come to be that we two and our bilingual teenager daughter are now living in Diria.

During our long time in the UK we went to Diria every year for two months or so because it was for us just as much as our home and connections as was our life in Lancaster.

For me, as the Brit in the family, I wanted to learn as much as I could from the experience, knowledge and skills of people living in Nicaragua. Nicaliving has been one of my premier sources and I would like to say a great thank you to all those people who contribute their thoughts and reactions.

If ever you are in the area of Laguna Apoyo, it would be a great pleasure to see you at our very humble but beautiful bar/restaurant 'El Embrujo del Bokete' located at the Mirador in Diria.

My dream is to establish a cricket team - I have teams in England who will visit!

Yes, dream on but Nicaragua is now my reality and I have so much to learn. All help much appreciated

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Welcome to Nicaland

I did see by the comments that cricket came up. Today Sunday I decided to invite a Indian citizen to La Boquita, wrong timing I tell you, the world cup in cricket was on tv ( Indian ) between India and GB, and I had to wait until the game was over ( India won ) I lost it when they started with widgets, what the heck is that, but of respect for my Indian friend I did not ask, my eyes wasn't glued to the screen I promise, what a strange game.

Anyway we ended up in La Boquita with all the super seafood, he is a vegetarian so I gave him a carrot and told him to take a swim.

Strange day.

Widgets or wickets

Nicabrit: as is well known cricket was invented by the English in order to confuse the rest of the world. Unfortunately, some nations have perversely failed to continue to be bamboozled and have had the gall to usurp the inventors.. India has a fine side, as do the dreaded Ozzies and the South African side recently defeated us on our own turf. The competition taking place at present is the world twenty over championship. Over? What the hell is an over? Ok never mind. I can assure you that there is no finer game in the world, especially when followed by a pint or several of bitter (British for beer). It's a form of physical chess with a fair dose of impenetrable verbiage. The thwack of the sturdy willow on the cherry, bowling maiden overs and being caught at silly mid-off are the stuff of the real heart of Ye Olde Merry England. Many thanks for your post -

Another Brit

in Condega, but haven't met her yet. She has been there forever. She's a farmer.

John Arlott would be proud...

Cricket has been mentioned here before:

This is a link direct to the gallery:

Welcome, we will for sure come and visit you.