Redwood Beach Resort

Yes I rated this wonderful resort 5/5 stars---even though my review may start off a bit rough, always best to finish strong!!

I found this resort via a few Nica forums I partake in, and majority gave it glowing reviews, so we decided; why not give it a try! It is only approx 130 miles from Managua, so one thinks 2 hours—well that’s only if you have never been to Nicaragua! The roads are great (except last 15 km) but there are many older vehicles on the roads that can barely do 60 km, rogue cows and the occasion celebrating drunken Nica!! So it’s more like a 3.5 hour trip!! But it is a trip that is full of scenery, so one would be silly to rush—sit back and enjoy it!! That should be your motto when driving in Nica—otherwise you’re going to become a casualty!! As mentioned, the last 15km is a bit rough!! So take it slow and enjoy the scenery. It is hard packed, rough, but the beauty of the surrounding area trumps the roughness—and on the bright side; rain is probably not going to affect it much!! I think it took approx 20 min to drive that last stretch, but I took it slow and enjoyed the scenery—as you should, as your on holidays in a beautiful country!!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the owners—Mike & Stacy-- which was a nice personalized touch.

The cabins are feet away from the ocean!! We stayed in the Ambassador cabin and it was wonderful!! I believe it’s the only cabin (besides the owners cabin and possibly the cabin that is being built) that has hot water and satellite TV (check their web page) Water pressure was a bit weak, but suffice. Room was spacious and clean, and of course had a great deck with a hammock to sit and chill and enjoy the wonderful view!! Nice small bar fridge to keep drinks cold!! It was great to sit outside, read our books and hear the ocean!! Which we did a lot on arrival (Saturday) As well I should mention there are outside showers to rinse off, which had more than ample pressure to rinse off our dog; yes they are very dog friendly

One of the highlights of the trip was crab catching Saturday night after supper!! One of their workers drove our CRV out onto the beach at NIGHT (low tide)!! Using the vehicles headlights, you chase after and catch the crabs (with gloves) and it is a HOOT!!! The crabs move very fast, so one has to move and move and an occasional dive!! We sweated, we laughed and we laughed some more!! It was soooo much fun!! And they cleaned the crab and made a wonderful cream soup which we enjoyed the next day. Sunday was to be occupied with hiking Cosiguina volcano and Horseback riding from a ranch. We had some mixed up communications and thought the hike was a total of 2 hours! Which if you go 1 route, is about that—but we went another route and it was more like 2-3 hours up and then one has to come down!! So a bit of mixed up communications, so stuff like that happens no biggy!! We made it approx 1 hr 10 min into the hike when we asked the guide how much longer and he said close to 2 more hrs? So due to the horseback riding scheduled for early afternoon, we decided to turn back! We personally did not enjoy the hike—not for exercise, that was great, scenery was great, BUT at that time there was quite a few grazing cows and horses—which left a lot of horse/cow crap on the trail! So one had to spend a fair bit of time watching the ground, so one does not step in crap!! But maybe its not always like that! And maybe the shorter route doesn’t have that obstacle!! It took us nearly 1.5 hrs to drive from the resort to the start of the hike---But I drive slow as I quite like my CRV. We were disappointed we didn’t get to the top, but still enjoyed the scenery!! Ensure one brings plenty of water, a camelback would be superb in this situation!! Nica is normally always hot, so water is a must.

We had lunch at a place that was close by the start of the volcano hike and it was great! Stacy recommended it!! Then it was off to ride horses!! The horses were very well looked after—which was very important to us (one sees a lot of malnourished horses/dogs in Nica)!! Ranch was a working farm and quite beautiful. Our guide was wonderful (only spoke Spanish) He was a true guide, explaining the surroundings as we went. The horses were great, well behaved and one felt very safe! Quite a bit of the ride was through a marsh which was very cool and even got to SWIM a bit on the horse!! Awesome!! Ensure you put your wallet//camera in a plastic zip loc bag!! Was an awesome ride!! At the end, back at the ranch, one could have a shower, and they even had a small restaurant!! I should also mention we did the ride on a Sunday and normally the farm is closed, but they went the extra mile to accommodate us! Was a 10/10 ride!!! As we were enjoying ourselves on Sunday we had to leave our wonderful dog back at the cabin! Mike & Stacy had no problems looking after our dog! Making sure she was taken out to do her bathroom things!! They even went above and beyond and kept her with them safely tied up! They are true animal people and they knew the importance of our dog to us—so they would never put her safety in jeopardy! As well they sponsor an initiative that in laymen terms-- gives a year birth control for the female dogs in the area!! They found that spaying dogs had as high death rate—probably due to infection—so 1 needle gave 1 year of birth control for a dog and is very safe. So they are not just running a business, they are making a difference in the community.

What have I missed?? Oh yes the food!! The food is GREAT!!! The menu is fairly small, but I guess if you email them in advance, they would be very accommodating!!! We loved the food!! It tasted super, very fresh (Stacey walked down the beach and bought the fish form the fishermen) and was the right portion!! The staff was great!! You’re dealing with a small operation, so if you have any problems, it’s going to be dealt with right away---the owners live there!!!

As well there are miles and miles and miles of beach!! It’s like you have your own private beach! We were told when other beaches are jam packed; this beach is still very empty—Even if they have all their cabins sold out!! PARADISE!! So in review we had a GREAT relaxing time!!! The biggest negative is the bumpy road, but big deal, take your time and enjoy the scenery,—you’re on holidays(yes not much of a negative) The owners are great, very dog friendly people, food is super and fresh and it’s a very relaxing time!! Miles and miles of beach await your arrival. The horseback riding was soo much better than your normal “trail” riding. Not much else to say other than the owners are on premise and they are great people and we had a very relaxing time!!--Our fussy dog Anna, approves this message!