Nicaragua, safest for tourists to Central America – Destination News –

pretty much a confirmation of what we've heard previously vis-a-vis safety in Nicaragua...kind of amazing numbers on vehicles stolen!


Nicaragua, safest for tourists to Central America – Destination News –

The Latin American country has been dubbed the safest travel destination in Central America, recording the lowest homicides in the region last year.

According to United Nations Development Program (UNDP) figures, the country’s homicide rate fell below 12 per 100,000 inhabitants last year, while the region’s average sat at 26 homicides per 100,000.

Honduras recorded among the highest number of homicides in the region, with up to 86 respectively followed by El Salvador with 72.

According to the study, Nicaragua also had the lowest number of vehicles stolen, with only 272 reported while its neighbours Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rice reported 7,334, 5,475 and 3,800 vehicles stolen last.


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It's a shame that crime is

It's a shame that crime is going up in such way in Nicaragua. However, I would say that Nicaragua is still the safest country. Our neighbors in the north have mass murders (in buses) and have maras just destroying the places.. is like a war zone. It's not like this in Nicaragua and we have to recognize that. In comparison is still safe.

.. The world is just a dangerous place... sadly.

The overall murder rate may not be the best way

to determine how safe a country is for tourism. Assuming that its not the tourists getting killed, then having low numbers on robbery, assaults and sexual offenses may be a better way of calling a country safe.

Mixed messages:

Last month, the Nicaraguan insurance industry was complaining that vehicle thefts have doubled

A female driving a Toyota Hilux truck was the most likely to be a victim

316 motorbikes were stolen in 2011 (90 more than in 2010).

Disputed Stats:

The Department of Motor Vehicles of the Department of Economic Research (DIE) of the National Police recorded 519 stolen vehicles across the country last year. Recovery level is 70%.

recovery rate 70%..

if u ever get u car or truck stolen..then u guys wouldnt be complaining about all the road pretty good

US overall is 43.2%

Much higher if you have location systems installed, though.

Rebecca Brown

What is that in per capita motorcycle ownership?

That recovery rate sounds pretty good. Philadelphia had an insanely high car theft rate and a 13% recovery rate (cars were chopped for parts and if the car wasn't recovered in route to the chop shop, it was gone).

About all of the expatriates and most of the Nicaraguans I know here have had something stolen -- cash, phones, propane tank, but my impression is that in Jinotega, it's pretty much someone who's learned your routine or who does fast grabs. Most of them have been non-confrontational, but not all.

The US State Department has figures for US citizens killed in Costa Rica and either El Salvador or Honduras in the last several years but not for Nicaragua. There have been murders, but two of them seem like things a prudent person could have avoided (don't get involved with tough teenaged girls with tougher families and don't try to police who sits on your steps -- if they're that scary, move).

Safe compared to other CA countries -- and safe enough for a woman to go around during the day, yes.

Other per capita question -- has car and truck ownership gone up? My neighbors bought their truck, I think, in the last two years.

Rebecca Brown

One Nica neighbor

didn't like who sat on his steps at night, so he put used motor oil all over the side walk. Messy, but worked. Another neighbor cut the branches off a thorny tree and piled them on her porch.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

I basically figured that they've been sitting on those steps

...far longer than I've been renting this side of the house. It's shelter from the rain if people are waiting for cabs.

If I ran off the people who would run off easily, all I'd have left sitting on my stoop would be the bad guys.

I've never had any trouble with anyone who sits on my stoop.

Rebecca Brown


April 2011 - The National Police are concerned at the growth rate of vehicles on Nicaraguan roads. There are currently 500,000 registered vehicles and each year another 11% are added. (In 1978, there were only 80,000 registered vehicles)

February 2011 - Nicaragua has recorded a total of 112,000 motorcycles.