Uruquay to Legalize Abortion

An article in the Seattle Times tells the story of Uruguay's move to legalize abortion. As the only country in Latin America where it is currently legal is Cuba, this seems like an important event.

The reasoning behind the move is also sound. It is to reduce the number of illegal abortions -- a rather pragmatic statement considering it is from politicians.

Uruguay's congress appeared ready on Tuesday to legalize abortion, a groundbreaking move in Latin America, where no country save Cuba has made abortions accessible to all women during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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The lower house of Uruguay’s Congress approved a law on Tuesday that authorizes abortion within 12 weeks of conception. The bill was approved by a narrow margin of 50 to 49 votes after 14 hours of debate.

Urugay ahead of Latin-America?

It seems that Uruguay right now is getting ahead of Latin America in these areas. First off, they are planning on legalizing pot (as far as I've heard).. If you have studied the issue you'll know that this is the best decision a country can make and that it's actually the best way to fight illegal distribution. Now, they are planning on Legalizing abortion?.. While I will not share my opinions on voluntary abortion, I will say that therapeutic abortion being Illegal is one of the things that I am most ashamed of about Nicaragua.

I do not care where life begins.. Every woman that has been raped, been victim of Incest, is younger than 15 (or so, you get my point) or is at risk should have the right to decide if they will carry to term.

Guatemala too

Guatemala's president started talking about drug legalization shortly after taking office. His advocation continues in what seems like a very logical approach to the problem. Guatemala, just like Nicaragua, is just on the route between producers and consumers.

The president said the traditional war on drugs had failed over the past half century, and that the United States' inability to deal with its drug consumption problem left Central America with no option but to promote legalizing drugs in some way.

...and Mexico City

Abortion does not fall under national law in all countries; it is Mexican state law domain there, and it is legal in Mexico City. There is or must be some concern with border-hopping, too. A clause of the Uruguayan proposal makes clear only Uruguayan citizens and those who can prove 366 or more days of residency may apply for an abortion. A 50-49 vote, with some stand-ins, after 14 hours of debate, is about as narrow a margin as you can get.


when does life begin?

very telling was owebama's answer. it was a bankrupt answer, just like owebama.....

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

For 1,453 a new life began against their will...


Several Civil Society Organizations, which are in favor of the decriminalization of therapeutic abortion, banned in Nicaragua, reported today that 1,453 girls aged 10 to 14 were raped in Nicaragua in 2011 and forced to give birth.

That petition was filed by the Strategic Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion, composed of nine NGOs.

During a demonstration, which began at the headquarters of the Supreme Court and culminated outside the National Assembly, women demanded immediate decriminalization of therapeutic abortion to protect the life and health of women, including girls.

The protest organizers denounced in a proclamation that in Nicaragua, 1.453 girls aged between 10 to 14 were raped and forced to give birth last year.


That sounds like a lot for a population 5 million!

Amnesty International:

In 2006, before the law was changed, 1,462 rapes were reported that year. 1,004 victims were under the age of 18, the majority – 691 - were under the age of 14.

National Police Stats

Total Violaciones (Rapes) going back from 2011 to 1998

Year 2011 Total Rapes:1,896













Year 1998 1249