Taxi protest!!!!!!

Might want to stay away from Metro center today as the taxis are out at that rotundo blocking traffic. They are protesting the proliferation of bicycle taxis and motorcycle taxis in the capital, called "caponeras".

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1315 update

1315 update--still continues, over 150 taxis participating, burning tires, pyrotechnics!! Good times in Nica!!

And we picked today to meet our girls for lunch at Metro Centre

We go to Managua once in a blue moon and today was the day. Some business in the am and then a taxi ride over to to Metro Centre (first driver refused to take us there) second driver parked behind the Pizza Hut on the rotunda and hid to let us out.

Leaving Metro Centre was a dash and a dodge the demonstrators running down the road chasing after 'scab' taxis that worked instead of joining the demo.

They were demanding a better subsidy from the central government, proper written concessions and control of the caponeros, "Tuk Tuk" style mototaxis


U never come to managua, when u do ths happens, truly it is not that bad of place, when the taxi's run!!! Sorry for your inconvienice!!!

It was no problem

I got to see first hand how the TV crew filmed it to make it look like 3 times as many.

In fact, that will be the defense tactic for the 18 Mexicans... "It wasn't 6 vans and $9.2 million, we just know how to make it look like more".