Hotel owners -- keep an eye out for a Canadian who was on San Cristobal when it exploded

From Suzanne Wopperer: "a "bunk and bolt" @ La Biosfera, tall, 47yr old, bald Canadian that looks like Max Headroom. Traveling with two broken ribs (close to mended from all of our TLC) from running down San Cristobal when it erupted."

Don't have the passport # or a photo ID, but if you hear the same story, that will be him (news reports say that a Canadian and two guides were near the top of San Cristobal when it exploded, but didn't give the names).

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Rebecca are you pulling our collective legs?

I was with you until Wopperer...then it begins to sound like a whopper to me jajaja Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee


Suzanne runs a backpackers hostel, the Biofera, about three kilometers south of Jinotega. Quite a beautiful place, bit rustic with composting toilets and bunks made of recycled tires cut into strips. The guy could have been lying about being on the mountain when it blew or that part could have been real.

Whatever my opinion of tourism in general, I like to see my friends make successes of whatever they're doing, and I don't like thieves.

Just a heads up to hotel owners such as yourself. Or is there a better list for sharing such information that I could let Suzanne know about?

Rebecca Brown

Why isn't she keeping a record of all guests

Its an INTUR requirement: Name, Country of Origin and Passport Number. Licence plate if applicable

She would know his name if she was doing that.

And its "La Biosfera Mountain Retreat"

Ah, I don't actually know what she was or wasn't doing

..but I suspect if she wasn't in the past, she might be not so trusting and non-compliant in the future. Not taking down that information might allow some to claim they'd been visiting as friends of hers rather than as paying guests.

This is the website for the hostel/retreat:

Rebecca Brown

While reminds me of a funny story

Well, it's sorta related.

In my youth (I was in my 20s) I to a trip to Vancouver Island with my girlfriend. We took the ferry from Port Angeles and when we got to the hotel it was getting dark. I had made a reservation and all was OK until the clerk asked "is she your wife".

Either I took too long answering or made a face. He quickly responded, "It's not a problem. We just are required to write down the names of all our guests."


Story could be true, I read a story of a tourist who was up there with two local guides when the volcano blew.

Heard the story too only a bit different

I went up to San Cristobal from the other side that morning. Made it to almost halfway to the top but my vaqueano Don Pilar didn't want to go on and I must admit I was relieved when he told me so. By then I was tired but more scared. What I heard was the canadian was on the side facing towards Chichigalpa and that is the side that got most of the worst. The side I was on facing towards Chinandega, the city was clear of smoke or anything. Saw a lot of activity on the little towns, cacerios, at the feet of the volcano on that side. Some of the people at La Bolsa, the last cacerio at the end of the adoquinado road were even joking about the plans to evacuate them because they were going to be taken only a couple of hundred meters to the nearby elementary school as in other emergencies past. Why would I abandon my house and bed and go sleep on the school's floor if we still are going to be in the same area. That was what many said and besides how in the past while away some of their homes were burglarized said others. I stayed there at a friends house when about 4 pm a heavy downpour filled with thunder and lightning like the ones that Chinandega is famous for. It lasted for about an hour. I left the area at about 6 pm the people there went about their lives as normal as any other uneventful day. About the canadian and the two guides the tale here is that when the "eruption" happened his guides turned around and started running calling out to the crazy gringo who stayed put saying wait I must take pictures first.