Carter on Venezuelan Election System

While specifically about the election process in Venezuela, with upcoming elections in the US, Nicaragua, Ecuador and more, this TRNN video is worth watching. It takes a look at two aspects of the election process.

The first one is how the mechanics of the system works. The bottom line for Venezuela is that the complete system is automated in an integrated fashion. There seems to be agreement that the system is free of fraud. While there are not a lot of details in the video they point out, for example, that when you vote the system remains secret but is auditable in multiple ways including with a paper receipt the voter receives. While there is no one voter system in place in the US, it would seem that what Venezuela has done is what many suggest in order to eliminate fraud in the US.

The second issue is the unfair advantage Chávez has through the use of state resources (such as government-owned radio and TV stations). It is hard to tell how much this differs from the incumbant advantage in any election anywhere.