Managua: Hotel Villa Angelo

I have now stayed there on three different occasions and decided it is worth mentioning. It is not a fancy tourist hotel but it has proved to be a convenient place to stay if you find yourself needing to get some things done in the middle of Managua.

Their location is extremely convenient. Within three blocks you will find INTUR, NicaBox and Paul Tiffer's office. Within half a dozen blocks you find Plaza Inter, TicaBus, King Quality and La Casa de Mejia Godoy. For those willing to walk further you will find MINREX, MINGOB, other government offices and Naturaleza.

To put Villa Angelo in perspective, there are low-end hospedajes near the TicaBus station (no clue on their prices), some other hotels in the $40 range and, on the high end, the Crown Palza. At this writing, a room for one in Villa Angelo is $26 including breakfast, $31 for a couple. The rooms are air conditioned and WiFi as well as a computer in the lobby is available. While there is no restaurant in the hotel (the typico breakfast comes from the comedor across the street), they have some basics (such as beer) available at non-gouging prices. (A beer is C$20 which is pretty much what you would pay in a grocery store.)

I found the place because I tried to make an on-line reservation at two other hotels in the area. They both have web pages encouraging you to make said reservations and one ever offers a $5 discount for on-line reservations. Neither have responsed. I get email answers from Villa Angelo quickly. While the staff doesn't claim to be English speaking they clearly know enough to deal with someone with little Spanish skills.

There is no kickback involved here. In fact, I haven't told them I am posting this. This is in contrast with another hotel in the area who had agreed to offer NicaLiving members a discount but never did. I am just posting this because I think they have a decent product at a fair price.

More information is available on their web page.

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how far

from the airport?

About C$100

That is, in a regular taxi. The airport is km 11 on the Carreterra Norte. Bolonia (where Plaza Inter and the hotel are located) is more or less km 0. So, totally the wrong place if you just need a bed before or after a flight but the right location if you need to go to MINGOB, MINREX or other things in the middle of Managua. It is maybe 5km from immigration making it not a bad choice if that is on your "errand list".


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Good tip for those of us that don't get to Managua often.

Good spot...

Right by the Canadian Embassy too.

Che, nowhere near the airport, click on the Ubicación header on their web site for the google map location.