New Cédula

New Cédula

A photo Paul Tiffer took of some Gringo leaving with his cédula.

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Some first half of the year stats:

During the first half of the year:

1,061 new residency cards were issued

1,721 were renewed

3,091 Tourist extended their stay

Cedula Update

After several months of waiting and getting the runaround for his cedula, my Nicaraguan brother-in-law, who had lived in the US for 20+ years, once again made the trip to Nindiri to pick it up as promised. Again he was told "come back next week, OR for $60 US, you can have it right away". This time he went to an ATM, and using his mother's bankcard on my account, without permission, stole $100, and returned and picked up his ID. Too bad I'm once again faced with kicking him out of my house!

Something is very rotten in this case

Yesterday I got my cedula. When I went and apply for it they told me it would take from 1 to 2 months to get it. They asked how come I never had a cedula. I told them I've been out of the country for over 30 years and had only come back once to visit. Five weeks later I went and asked if my cedula was ready. Politely they told me to wait. Less than 5 minutes later they told me on an apologetic manner it wasn't ready yet to try again at the end of the month. At no time was implied, overtly nor implicit, that money would expedite the process. A week later they delivered my cedula to my home. It took them only 1 and a half month. No runaround, no rudeness no BS. They don't know it yet but tomorrow's lunch is on me. The least I can do. Keep your distance from your brother in law and set up if you can a separate bank account for his mother. Many Mothers, anywhere not just here, are alcahuetas, they let their "little princes" get away with murder. Take care.