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I am talking about the advertising block in the right sidebar (column). We don't pick them -- they are automatically supplied by Google based on the page content. They are pretty much the only thing that pays for the site hosting.

Revenue is less than exciting but I have also seen a change in the ads that appear there. While we used to have more small (primarily text) ads, recently it has been more like one big ad from some relatively big company. At the same time, revenue has dropped.

So, this post is a question. As site users, were you more likely to respond to (click on) the smaller, smaller business ads? Or, put another way, were the small text ads more useful?

I am asking because I could modify the ad options so that only text ads appear in our advertising block rather than the big graphic ones. Most important is what you, as a reader, find useful.

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How do you get paid?

By simply hosting the adds?

Or by clicks - Simple count or is there some sort of "success" statistics involved?


There are "success statistics" involved but it is click-based. There is nothing unique to NL vs. anyone else hosting Google AdSense ads. You can read Google's info about it.

As a bit of an insight into how they work, we have nothing to do with picking the ads. A Google "bot" reads the site pages and picks what ads they feel are "appropriate" to go with the content of a particular page. Our only controls are:

  • We pick the space (size and position) where the ads will be displayed. We can also pick whether to allow display ads or just text.
  • We can limit which pages where they appear. (While they are all the same here on NL, on the front page has a different ad type and location than other pages.)
  • We can offer a "black list" of advertisers we don't want to have appear on the site.

While the goal of the ads is to pay the costs of hosting the site, how people feel about them is important. When I was running a print magazine, we turned down various ads/advertisers (primarily Microsoft -- we were willing to sell them ad space but the ads they wanted to run would be clearly offensive to our readers). It was quite common for readers to tell us that they found the ads in the magazine useful.

Note that I did just change the ad type to "text only" -- mostly to see what happens. I am still looking for user input.

I never really pay attention

I never really pay attention to them! I actually never noticed that their were ads on here,lol


I prefer the smaller text ads that were occasionally Costa Rican real estate (and I occasionally looked) to the big ads where AdSense has decided I'm looking for a woman. :-(


are ya?

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson


No Che, you monster, I am not. LOL

I am a monster!

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson