Over the years many people have posted great things about Paul Tiffer. I want to add my experience to the others. My brother in law and his family had struggled for practically two years with a different lawyer trying to advance through the residency process and never got anywhere. I heard about Paul on Nicaliving and we met with him in April. He walked all of us through the whole thing and it worked exactly as he said it would. They received their cedulas last Thursday. I don’t want to sound like a commercial for Tiffer & Associates, but when you find someone as good at his craft as is Paul, credit must be given where it is due!

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Paul Tiffer

I, too, used Paul to get my residency. He was efficient and honest. I would recommend him to anyone.... The whole thing took 6 months for a retiree cedula.

That's longer than local average

Are you ex-miitary or ex-police? Those categories do appear to take longer.

Rebecca Brown


I would like to endorse the posting regarding Paul Tiffer. My family has used Paul's services to obtain residency and I can unequivocally report that he has been both prompt in response and highly efficient in getting everything done smoothly. Yes, credit where credit is due.

Paul Tiffer, Attorney

Two years ago, Paul Tiffer worked very hard to help me obtain my residency under a new status, Rentista. At about the same time, INTUR got organized and started processing applications in accordance with the rules and regulations. As an attorney myself, I was nervous about the whole process, particularly since I was not any where near fluent in the language. With Paul’s guidance and the help of the folks at INTUR, we got the job done and I was granted residency status. Although it took some time, footwork and patience, it was worth it, and a good introduction to the Nicaraguan legal system and its agencies.

Paul is a good guy, and a good and ethical attorney who speaks English. If I have legal or governmental policy questions or concerns, I always bounce them off of Paul and he always responds. You cannot go wrong referring your friends to him and, if he doesn’t know the answer or that area of the law, he will tell you that too – what a breath of fresh air, especially here in Nicaragua.

Extraordinary comment and recommendation

Thank you Jeff for you extraordinary comment and recommendation, the true is have been working during several years – in Residency, Real Estate purchases, Corporations, and other legal topics for my clients - and try to do in a smooth way for them, sometimes there are delays, because the applicants send documents too late or without authentications; because in Immigration department without previous notification change internal rules & nowadays they have more applicatioins than some years ago. I am learning everyday how to deal with those delays in favor of applicants. Thank again for posting this comment.

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Best Regards Paul Tiffer Attorney at law