Global Entry Program

Is anyone using the US' Global Entry (Trusted Traveler) program successfully?

Does it provide significant time savings on return to the US (to justify spending the $100)?

I used the program with my boat, but that was different. Being able to call an (800) number and get the message: "Proceed to your port" was a huge time-saver. The qualifying interview was surprisingly extensive, I met with two CG officers and we talked for twenty minutes. This was at the inception of the program.

Being able to just check in at a kiosk and avoid the immigration and customs lines might make the difference between making that connecting flight, or missing it.

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I've no personal experience so I could be wrong, but I don't think you miss much. The biggest benefit is *sometimes* not having to go through the long immigration lines. If a plane or 3 from Europe lands in a major hub before your arrival, this is a major time saver.

From the page you linked, however...

"The kiosk issues the traveler a transaction receipt and directs the traveler to baggage claim and the exit."

Guess what comes after baggage claim? At least in Atlanta (Delta flies Managua - Atlanta), it's customs! Then after that, it's security theatre! So it appears you miss the long lines for *entry* but nothing else changes.

Anyone with experience to confirm/dispute that?

I just went through the process in Miami yesterday

The biggest time loss was on the Pan AM highway due to the protest. Some wait at passport control, almost none even with declared food and going through the x-ray machines and chat with customs. If a lot of planes landed at once, maybe this would be worth not going through security, but passport control was the longest of my waits yesterday, and that was not very long (many of the kiosks weren't manned).

This would probably depend on how often anyone traveled -- five or six times a year or more, it might be worth it. I'd rather pay the $!00 to get back to Jinotega in comfort the one time a year or two that I fly.

Rebecca Brown

10 minutes

is probably the average time I've waited at immigration at Houston. It would have to be a real tight schedule to make a difference. At least as much time is spent at security and getting to the next loading gate. I've had flights that were 45 minutes apart and made it.

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